Cozy Circus Cart with Lion Costume


My son Mickey is the Lion. I bought the lion costume but I modified it some. I added faux fur to the mane to make it bigger.

Circus Cart With Lion Costume

The Circus Cart: This is made out of cardboard boxes, shish kabob skewers, paint, and tape. I cut up boxes into pieces, then painted them all (I used red and gold paint). I taped the parts together to form hinges. Then I wrapped the boxes around his stroller and taped them to it. I painted the skewers silver, then put them in the box edges. I added “Please Do Not Feed” signs to the sides.

Circus Cart With Lion

The Ringmaster: This is a black jacket and black hat. I made epaulettes out of cardboard and glued gold fringe on them.

Circus Cart With Lion Baby

My inspiration for this costume came from the fact that he likes lions (all animals) and he could not walk well. I was wanting some kind of costume that would fit well with a stroller.

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