38 Creative Halloween Costume Ideas for Pregnant Women


When you are pregnant, your growing bump is something that you are very likely to be very proud of. However, as much as you might love it, you have to admit that it can make it tricky to find clothing to fit, especially costumes. That’s why we have put together this list of Halloween costume ideas for Pregnant Women.

Soon to be moms… save this list! These are some really creative, unique ideas for Halloween costumes for pregnant women.

Bun In The Oven costume

If you want to take advantage of the fact that you are pregnant to be able to make a clever pun, then you will love this bun in the oven costume! The boxy oven is printed with a bun on the front and is roomy enough to accommodate your baby bump. The fabric is a lightweight polyester, so you won’t feel too hot or laden down.

Ghost Belly Bump

Sometimes you just don’t feel like wearing a full costume when you are heavily pregnant. Comfort is one of the most important factors when you are in the later stages of your pregnancy. This cute maternity t-shirt will get you into the Halloween spirit while still letting you be comfortable. The adorable ghost print sits right on your bump.

Mother & Baby Skeleton Maternity Shirt

This adorable Maternity t-shirt not only makes a great Halloween costume, but it is also a great idea if you are ready to announce your pregnancy around Halloween. The shirt is printed with a skeleton rib cage, with a skeleton baby on the tummy area to represent your impending bundle of joy!

Spiderweb Poncho

When you are pregnant, what you are looking for in a costume is something loose and comfortable. This spiderweb poncho is the perfect solution. It can be worn over your own maternity clothing allowing you to be comfortable. With make up and accessories you can really look the part!

Mommy to Be Maternity Fairy Costume

In the final months of pregnancy, it is common for women to feel a little frumpy. However, this beautiful fairy costume will help you to feel graceful and elegant. The pink and white dress has trailing sleeves and comes complete with fairy wings and a floral crown.

Rose Quartz Steven Uniform Maternity Costume

If you are a fan of Steven Universe then you will love this stunning gown inspired by the Rose Quartz character. The dress is cut on an empire line in order to disguise your baby bump, so it is slightly different to the original, but still recognisable as Rose Quartz.

Pumpkin Pie Costume

Some of the best costume ideas for pregnant people are those that work around your new rounder figure! That is exactly what this pumpkin costume does. The costume consists of a printed pumpkin tunic with a bobble hem so that it poofs out in a round pumpkin shape – your baby bump will assist with the shaping! There is also a pumpkin tock headpiece included.

Atlantis Goddess

This Atlantis Goddess is not specifically a maternity costume, just a plus size one, but it will work well. Thanks to the high empire line waist the fabric will drape well over your bump and the additional fabric in the plus size will also help. It is a gorgeous flowing gown that will be super comfortable even in the latter stages of pregnancy.

Maternity Witches Costume

This pretty maternity witch costume is perfect for Halloween celebrations during your pregnancy. The costume includes a loose black dress with net sleeves and jewel accents for that little touch of sparkle and a matching witches hat. The dress has an empire waist to help it sit over your growing belly comfortably.

Minnie Mouse Maternity Costume

This pretty Minnie Mouse costume is perfect to wear when you are pregnant. The costume includes the traditional red polka dot dress with a sparkling sequin bodice. The dress also has a built in mouse tail and a sequin bow that sits on top of your bump! The traditional mouse ears are also included.

Pumpkin smuggler T-Shirt

If you don’t feel up to dressing up completely, you can still get into the spirit of Halloween with a cute tank or t-shirt. This one pokes fun at your round belly by referring to you as a ‘pumpkin smuggler’. Even if you have a proper costume for Halloween, this also make a cute day to day costume for Fall!

Greek Goddess Athena

Again, this is not a maternity costume, but the cut of the Greek Goddess gown is very forgiving and will be accommodating of your belly. You may want to just go one size up to make sure it fits over your bump.

Pregnant Skeleton Iron On Decals

These iron on Skeleton decals can be fixed to any black maternity pants and shirt for an instant costume. There is even a skeleton baby to put on your tummy!

Go-Go Dancer Maternity Dress

Just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you have you have to hang up your dancing shoes! This cute maternity GoGo Dancer costume is great for partying on the dance floor! The swing style dress is cute to accommodate your tummy and features an amazing psychedelic pattern. The dress is also supplied with a matching headband.

Maternity Rag Doll Costume

We love this cute maternity rag doll costume. It comes complete with a dress, bloomers, cap and stockings. All you need to add is a yarn wig and some painted on freckles.

Renaissance Lady Maternity Costume

This pretty Renaissance style dress is great for disguising your baby bump. It is cut to accommodate your growing belly and has lots of gold detailing on the bodice and sleeves to draw the eye away from the stomach area. It is a gorgeous royal blue colour which will make you feel very regal!

Mommy to Be Angel Costume

They say that mother’s are angels, so you might as well start now before the baby gets here! This beautiful white dress features a chiffon overlay and sleeves for some extra special detailing. The costume is also supplied with glittered angel wings and a fluffy halo headband.

Pregnant Flapper Girl Costume

The great thing about fringe is that it covers a multitude of sins! That is why this maternity flapper dress is great for disguising your baby bump. We love the red and black design and the matching twenties style headband. You will look and feel like a million bucks in this costume!

Jack O Lantern Pregnancy T-Shirt

A popular choice for maternity costumes is to make your bump a part of it by transforming it into a number of rounded objects. Obviously, pumpkins are a popular choice at Halloween, so this jack o lantern maternity t-shirt is ideal for those who want to get in on the Halloween fun, but don’t feel up to wearing a full costume!

Maternity TuTu

This Maternity TuTu is not a complete costume, but it can be used to create a number of different costumes when coupled with a plain t-shirt and some accessories. You could be a ghost, a fairy, an angel or even a pregnant ballerina! The choice is yours! It also double as a great prop for a maternity photo shoot!

Maternity Devil Lady Costume

Even mothers to be have a devilish side and now they can let it out with this maternity devil lady costume. The dress is cut to accommodate your bump, but is still absolutely stunning. The dress features a plunging neckline with a accent brooch and a jagged hemline. The sleeves are mesh with a flame shape cut out. The costume also includes an adorable devil horns headband.

Thing 1 & Thing 3

This is a cute idea for a family costume. You and your partner can dress as Thing 1 and Thing 2 from the Cat in The Hat, but your shirt also has an extra ‘Thing 3’ label for baby! Not only is this a great Halloween costume, but it can be a cute Pregnancy announcement idea too!

Peek a Boo Baby Maternity Shirt

As we have already mentioned, sometimes it is a little bit much for a pregnant woman to want to wear a full costume. In the final weeks you just want to be comfortable. However, with this adorable maternity shirt is great to let you get in on the fun. The bump area has a cute print with an opening and a tiny witch peeking out!

Mom Is My Costume

We love this cute take on the trend for peek a boo maternity costumes. It features a baby peeking out of the tummy area and the words ‘My Mom is My Costume’. It is a really clever idea which is great if Halloween falls around your due date!

Pregnant Pirate Queen Costume

Even pregnancy cannot slow down a pirate! Swashbuckle your way to your Halloween party in this pirate queen outfit that includes maternity pants, a roomy shirt with watched vest, boot tops, sash and pirate hat.

Disco Mama Maternity Costume

This disco diva costume is super comfortable which is great when you are pregnant. The jumpsuit is soft and roomy and has sash belt to tighten it to fit. The one downside is that you will need to unzip it and remove the upper part to go to the bathroom which does happen frequently when you are pregnant! There is also a matching headband.

Pregnant OB Nurse

If you have a good sense of humour then you will love this maternity OB Nurse costume. The costume includes a white nurses dress with room for your bump, a nurses badge and a hat.

Demon Baby Costume

This might be one of the cleverest costume ideas that we have seen for pregnant ladies! You get two hands and a horned baby face which you affix to your tummy with double sided tape and then pull on a snug t-shirt to create the illusion of a demon baby pushing it’s way out of your baby bump! So simple and yet so effective!

Mommy to Be Baker Costume

This cute baker’s costume is great for a pregnant lady since it is comfortable and easy to wear. The trousers and jacket are almost like wearing pyjamas! The bakery logo is a cute little pun – ‘buns in the oven bakery’ and features on both the hat and the jacket.

Ninja Maternity Costume

You might not feel particularly sneaky or light on your feet while pregnant, but you can still look the part in this gorgeous Maternity ninja costume. The costume includes a flowing kimono style dress with bell sleeves and golden dragon print with a matching headband.

Pilgrim Maternity Costume Shirt

This is a quick and easy Halloween costume for a pregnant lady. This pilgrim outfit design is printed on a soft and comfortable maternity t-shirt which can be paired with a long black skirt to complete your outfit. This is going to be really comfy to wear and easy to get on an off which is great when you feel like you are the size of a small house!

Comic Super Woman Maternity Costume

We all know that Moms are superheroes and now mommy-to-bes can prove it with this super woman costume. The cute outfit is cut to accommodate you baby bump and looks absolutely fantastic. You can tell everyone you meet – ‘I’m growing another human, what’s YOUR super power?’

Vintage Ghost Maternity Costume

This is actually a photographer’s prop for maternity shoots, but we think the long black gauze dress would also double as a vintage ghost costume! With some spooky make-up you could look quite terrifying as the pregnant ghost of a pregnant lady!

Spider Woman Maternity Costume

This spider woman costume is dark and mysterious! The black dress is cut to not only accommodate, but also flatter your baby bump and is finished off with a beautiful spiderweb capelet. You will bewitch and captivate everyone you meet in this outfit.

Pregnant Hillbilly Costume

This amusing pregnant hillbilly girl is all dressed up and ready for her shotgun wedding. The costume is actually not a maternity costume. However, it contains an inflatable belly to give the pregnancy look, so if you really are pregnant then you can simply leave out the false belly and use your own bump! The costume includes a wedding dress with lace sleeves and velvet layered skirt and a pigtails wig with attached veil.

Mummified Maternity Costume

If you like puns then you will love this mummified Mommy to be costume! Now you are ready to be a mummy in both senses of the word with this fantastic maternity cut mummy dress!

Pregnant Belly Dancer Costume

If you are proud of that baby bump and you don’t mind it being on display then this belly dancer costume might be what you are looking for! It is actually a photography prop outfit for maternity shoots, but we see no reason why you couldn’t wear it as a costume for Halloween if you feel comfortable enough to do so.

Let Me Out T-Shirt

If you have a bit of a dark sense of humour then you are going to love this adorable maternity t-shirt featuring hand prints on the belly and the words ‘ Let me out!’ This is a great Halloween style shirt which you can wear to get into the Halloween spirit even if you are not up for a full on costume during pregnancy!

12 DIY Halloween Costume Ideas For Pregnant Women

Humpty Dumpty

If you are into DIY Halloween costumes, then you are going to love this cute Humpty Dumpty home made costume! Your rounded belly is going to be ideal to create the Humpty egg part of the costume and the rest is easy to make with everyday items you probably already have around the house!

Bump In The Road

This is an adorable way to incorporate your Baby Bump into your Halloween costume! Dress up as a construction worker with your bump exposed and paint a caution sign warning of a bump in the road onto your belly! Cute idea, right?

Basketball Player

Lot’s of home-made maternity costumes revolve around painting your bump! This cute idea involved painting it like a basketball and dressing up like a ball player. Extra bonus points if your partner dresses as a referee!

Juno Costume

Make the most of being pregnant this Halloween and dress up like everyone’s favourite teen mom Juno! All you need is the appropriate clothing which you can probably get in a thrift store if you don’t already have something similar and of course you need plenty of attitude!

Pregnant Nun

Talk about an immaculate conception! If you don’t mind being a little bit controversial, then a pregnant nun always makes for a good talking point! It is also really easy to create a DIY costume using a black dress and some fabric.

Baby Busting Out

Looks like this baby couldn’t wait any longer for some of that sweet Halloween candy! This is really easy to pull off. All you need is some baby doll arms, a little fake blood and a min pumpkin and you can recreate this horrific costume!

Crystal Ball

This is another great DIY costume that incorporates your baby bump. Dress up as a gypsy fortune teller and decorate your bump to resemble a mystical crystal ball! This is one of the coolest uses of a painted bump that we have seen around.

Nesting Bird Costume

As a mom to be, you are essentially the human equivalent of a nesting bird! This clever DIY costume turns your bump into an egg while the rest of the costume represents the nest and the mamma bird! Genius!

Pregnant Zombie

A pregnant zombie is another great costume that is really easy to put together and being pregnant is just going to give it an extra special touch. You could even go down the route of becoming The Walking Dead’s Lori!

Hole in One DIY Costume

This ‘hole in one’ costume is adorable and makes reference to the fact than you are brewing a baby there in your belly! It is also really easy to do with just a green dress and some basic craft supplies. It is also cute if you can get your partner to dress as a golfer to match!

Bob Ross, Happy Tree & Squirrel DIY Family Costume

This is an adorable family costume for you, your partner and your unborn baby! Your partner dresses as painter Bob Ross while you are his happy little tree. Add a little squirrel on your belly and you are good to go!

Pregnant Cow Costume

It is perfectly natural for you to feel like a little bit of a heifer during the later stages of pregnancy, and we think that you should embrace it! This cow costume is a great way to make light of the situation. It is also pretty easy to put together using some old clothes and scrap fabrics.

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