Aaron and Aaden

DIY Dragon Ball Z Family Costume


My son and daughter n law always make sure they have the perfect costumes for their family. This year they dressed up like Dragon Ball Z characters, Bulma, Vegeta, and Piccolo. I think they did an awesome job and made great memories even though they probably had to scrub my sons face and arms for […]

Star Wars Clan

Star Wars Clan Family Costume


This is my son , daughter n law, and three grandsons. Every year they dress up and make sure they all are in sync with one another. This particular year they decided to be Star war characters. The oldest grandson (my sons nephew) decided to visit so they made him a star wars warrior. They […]

Mario Bros Characters

DIY Mario Bros Family Costume


My little family and I had so much fun with our Halloween costumes last year! I put together the boys outfits and had someone hand crochet their Mario and Luigi signature hats! I bought my costume and added a huge poofy slip underneath for a fuller effect. I hand made and painted all of the […]

Toy Story

Homemade Toy Story Family Costume


We came up with our family costume “Toy Story” because my two year old loves Buzz Lightyear. So our creativity went from there. My husband, Mark is “Woody”. His shirt belt cover and hat were bought since I didn’t have enough time to make them but his vest I made from scratch no pattern. With […]

Pirate family

Fun Pirate Family Costume


My oldest wanted to be a pirate so pirates we were! We do family costumes every year. Pirate family costume submitted by Jaime H.

Batman and Joker

Batman and Joker Costume for Dads and Daugthers


Our family loves D.C. Superheroes! My husband decided to dress up as Batman. What does every batman need? A joker of course. So our youngest daughter dressed up as the joker. Our oldest daughter did her make up and her hair is all natural. We thought she made the perfect Heath Ledger Joker! Batman and […]

Lego family

Homemade LEGO Family Costume


Our DIY Lego family costumes were made with cardboard for the bodies. The heads were made out of giant cardboard tubes used to make colums and styrofoam cut to shape the hair and lots and lots of paint. Lego family costume submitted by Jaime H.

Superhero family

The Superhero Family Costume


We had baby Captian America, little Thor and Batman and Robin. We do a family theme every year and this was a great one. Superhero family costume submitted by Jaime H.

Star Wars family

Easy Star Wars Family Costume


Baby yoda, mini Darth a storm trooper and even r2d2 for this star wars family costume. Star Wars family costume submitted by Jaime H.


DIY Jigsaw Costume for Kids from Saw


Our family loves halloween and why not create a complete family of psychos… my 5 year old as jigsaw complete with tricycle. He played the part well, riding by eyelock on people and asking if they wanted to play a game then ride backwards. Jigsaw costume submitted by Ursula O.

Mac Man!

Incredible Homemade Easy Mac and Cheese Costume for Kids


This little boy could live off of Mac and cheese and pizza if we let him! We found the idea online. We wanted something creative for our annual Halloween camping costume contest! He won! We got a laundry basket and elastic pieces from the dollar store. Blue duct tape, spray paint, and yellow sweatshirt from […]

The Little Prince

Homemade Little Prince Costume


I am dressing as the little prince, from the book, The Little Prince. My family and I made this costume, we went to joans and got nice green fabric and a pattern that matched the little princes clothing the best, we then cut out the patterns, pinning them and what not and sewed them together. […]

The Batman Family

The Batman Family Costume


As you can see, the kiddos are heroes and we (the parents) are the VILLAINS! As usual! 😉 The Batman Family costume submitted by Ashley B.

Beetlejuice Family

Incredible Homemade Beetlejuice Family Costume


This is my husband, my son, daughter and I wearing the Beetlejuice Family costumes! I am an avid Goodwill shopper so in January I was just shopping the dress section for something cute and came across this dress in my exact size!! As soon as I saw it I thought it looked EXACTLY like the […]

DIY Beetlejuice Family Costume

DIY Beetlejuice Family Costume


Many of the items were used with household items. Most of our clothes were items hiding in the back of the closet or thrift store finds that were modified for each character. The masks were made from cardboard, wire coat hangers, newspaper, and homemade paper mache clay…and many, many hours of lost sleep. “Beetlejuice”‘s wig […]

Thoma the Train

Homemade Thomas the Train Costume


My 2 yr old loves Thomas and I couldn’t find a good costume for Thomas. After searching for an engineer I decided to make Thomas out of his wagon. I wanted it to be durable for a 2 yr old to ride in. So that’s when I decided to us 2x4s, plywood and screws! I […]

Bee Family

Cute Bee Family Costume


I am a busy, working mom of 4 girls. We try to have a family theme every year this year I was the busy queen been, with my four little working bees and my husband was the bee manager who tries to manage the little bees to be good working bees. Bee Family costume submitted […]

Star Wars Family

Star Wars Family Costume


My husband, son, and myself decided to dress up in Star Wars costumes. Both of them are X-Wing Pilots and I am Rey. We wanted to dress up as something we truly love when attending Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween last year. Star Wars Family costume submitted by Jessica R.

Milk cycle

DIY Dairy Farm Family Costume


I first thought of being a milkman at the high school at which I teach. We have smaller advisories and I had the idea of having my students be milk cartons (one chocolate, of course!) for a group competition. I then thought it would be a good idea for my family and thought of a […]

Cutie Pie Oven

DIY Pie Oven Costume


The adorable pie you see pictured is my daughter Layla. Her costume was handmade from felt with a piece of Styrofoam for the headpiece. My family loves Halloween and I wanted to make her something awesome. I came across the pie costume but that wasn’t good enough. After lots of thinking I decided to build […]

Mama’s Chicken Coop

DIY Mama’s Chicken Coop Costume


I handmade my boys’ costumes. I used white feather boas sewed to White onesies with yellow tights, old shoes covered with yellow rubber gloves stuffed with pillow stuffing. For the head pieces I used white pilot caps and glued red felt “combs” to them. I also turned their wagon into a chicken coop using scraps […]

Lego justice league

DIY Lego Justice League Family Costume


Our family Justice League Costumes We made these in a week. Mom is Lego wonder woman. Dad is Lego dark side. Oldest so is Lego Batman. Youngest son is Lego Superman. Lego justice league costume submitted by Ashley C.

My little pony family

DIY My Little Pony Family Costume


Granddaughters dress was store bought but the other 3 My Little Pony costumes were made using sweat pants and shirts and lots of felt. My little pony family costume submitted by Deanna H.

My little pony

My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Costume


This is a store bought costume my daughter Tori is wearing it. Thia child is in love with my little pony she spends her free time drawing every pony doing different things. She is very good at it. She wears the costume around the house. My little pony costume submitted by Terri B.

Rainbow Dash

Homemade Rainbow Dash Costume


This is a handmade costume of Rainbow Dash. I got this inspiration from the Equestria girls My Little Pony movies. I made this costume because I relate to rainbow dash so much. I made and colored the symbols on the outfit. I made the skirt, but I bought the shirt and the shoes. I bought […]

Despicable Me

Homemade Despicable Me Family Costume


As a family of six, we like to figure out a theme and dress accordingly. When one of the kids came up with the Despicable Me theme, we obviously had to run with it. The characters in that movie are so similar to our own personalities, there really wasn’t a better choice. I am Lucy […]

Pretty Pink Unicorn

Cute Homemade Pink Unicorn Costume for Girls


This year my daughter wanted to be a unicorn and since I make her costumes every year I knew this would be a fun one! I started by making her some gold leggings out of this awesome fabric I bought at the craft store. I paired it with a shirt and furry vest that she […]

Rainbow Unicorn captain

DIY Rainbow Unicorn Costume


We made it flamboyant this year with this majectic rainbow unicorn! Rainbow Unicorn costume submitted by Karolane L.