Napoleon Dynamite & Crew

DIY Napoleon Dynamite Family Costume


Girls only want boyfriends who have great skills… like nunchuck skills, bow hunting skills, computer hacking skills, etc. So we’re setting up our 4 month old baby boy to get all the ladies! Tucker (aka, Napoleon Dynamite), Travis (aka, Pedro), and myself (aka, Deb) dressed to impressed as the Napoleon Dynamite crew for Tucker’s first […]

Baby Rain Cloud

Homemade Baby Rain Cloud Costume


For a little guy who had only been walking for a few months, the soft rain cloud was a perfect solution! I cut out two sets of rain clouds from white felt and sewed them together (one for the front, and one for the back) – leaving an opening to stuff full with polyfil before […]


Body Paint Deadpool Costume


It is me wearing a Deadpool costume entirely from bodypaint with the exception of the swords i bought from Marvel. Sheereen Weers did such an incredible job painting my body and face with mehron creams. Plus she did the burn marks on one side of the face, which she achieved with liquid latex and cotton […]

Star Wars At st costume by Jonathan Haycox

Incredible Homemade Star Wars AT-AT Costume


Hi, my name is Jonathan. I’m 15 years old I am homeschooled. I have always done some pretty killer dyi costumes in the past, but this years costume is my new favorite. I love the star wars movies and i also play the game star wars battlefront on the playstation. That inspired me to make […]

Wizard of Oz

DIY Wizard of Oz Family Costume


This was years back, but my family used to always do build your own costumes ❤️ It was a tradition! All were hand made . My parents are super creative! Moms the scarecrow and dad welded his costume together to be the tin man ! We actually got the hay from an orchard we went […]

Jean Grey/Phoenix

Homemade Jean Grey Phoenix Costume for Girls


This is my beautiful redheaded daughter in the Jean Grey/Phoenix from the X-men comics costume I made for her. I made it from scratch with green spandex and yellow stretch cotton. I did not use a pattern, I just measured her and made it to fit. I even hand drew and hand appliqued on the […]

William Wallace

DIY Braveheart William Wallace Dog Costume


This is Archibald. He’s a west Highland Terrier and this year he was to lead the Westies Dog walk at the Highland Gathering. Most of the Westies wear kilts in this walk but his owner felt that he wasn’t prim and proper enough to wear the average kilt and wanted something more rough and rugged. […]

Queen of Hearts (Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland)

Homemade Queen of Hearts (Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland) Costume


This was the costume I wear for Halloween last year. I wear this during work because our office has costume contest every year. I actually have not had a chance to watch Alice in Wonderland from Tim Burton, but was intrigued to recreate the Queen of Heart character. She is short and petite just like […]

The Big Bad Wolf

Homemade Little Red Riding Hood Family Costume


Every year I have handmade my daughter’s costume since she’s been born. We usually try and coordinate our costumes as a family. So when my daughter was Little Red Riding Hood I knew being the Big Bad Wolf would not only be super cute, it would be super easy as well! Comfort is usually key […]


Homemade Cousin IT Halloween Costume from Addam’s Family


This costume is a HOMEMADE costume of Cousin It from the Adam’s Family TV Show that many of us had come to love. I wanted to make a Cousin It costume and for this costume you will need a hat and lots of yarn and lots of hot glue. I started by cutting yarn pieces […]

Lego Costumes

DIY LEGO Family Costumes


For these costumes, I decided on trying to make lego costumes for my Grandchildren and myself. These are all Homemade costumes using boxes, plastic cups, paint, and hot glue. These homemade LEGO costumes are actually very easy to make and you can whip one of these up in no time at all. You will need […]

Tiny Tina

DIY Borderlands Family Costume


This is a DIY costume that my family did of characters from the Borderlands series. We thrift cosplay so everything we are wearing has been repurposed clothes from thrift stores and recycled items. My brother Daniel is playing Dr. Zed, my dad is Handsome Jack and I am Tiny Tina. We loved playing the games […]

S’mores Family

Funny Homemade S’mores Family Costume


My children and I wanted to dress up as a family. So, we decided to be s’mores. We used cardboard boxes, and painted them to look like graham crackers, and my oldest son Jason, and I wore these. We then painted another to look like a Hershey bar, which my daughter, Rebecca, wore. We Held […]


DIY Dexter’s Laboratory Family Costume


My family and I were Dexter’s Lab for Halloween of 2013. I was DeeDee. All it took was pink flats, ribbon,tutu, tank top, and a long sleeve white shirt (it was cold). This is one of my favorite Halloween’s because my family reminds everyone of the show “Dexter’s Lab.” My parents, brother (Dexter) and husband […]

Little Hobo

Homemade Little Hobo Costume for Kids


My son, Victor is wearing the costume. We made it using things we already had around our home. We choose this costume because we wanted to make our own, and we already had everything we needed. He had awesome accessories. He had a handmade cardboard sign that read, “Will work for candy.” He also had […]

Spider man family

Homemade Spiderman Family Costume


My husband and met in art & design high school, he’s an illustrator and I’m a painter. Spider-Man was he’s favorite character and inspiration to become the great artist he is today. So to pay homage, last year my family and I dressed up as different Spider-Man characters. I was Spider Gwen my husband Ivan […]

Family O Bats!

Cute Bat Family Halloween Costume


We just love to have fun and dress up as a family! Found this adorable bat costume for my daughter Athina , and I just had to replicate one for my husband and I! Spent that Halloween day at the circus, and we were the best dressed! Bat family costume submitted by Tina-marie K.

Monster’s University

Monster’s University Family Costume


I wanted us to do a family theme however most family costumes contained 4 individuals. When I saw the Sully costume I knew I wanted it for my son who was 14 months old, so I made my husband be Mike and put together a costume to be one of the sorority girls. I found […]


Homemade KISS Family Costume


My parents, my best friend and I all really love 70’s and 80’s music, so when we had the opportunity to make costumes for our annual costume party, we jumped at the chance to be KISS. Everyone for our party makes their own costumes, so we bought jump suits for the four of us and […]

Star wars

The Best Star Wars Family Stormtrooper Costumes Ever


Our daughters love Star Wars so we made it fit them! We are a family of 6! Twin identical girls and twin fraternal boys! We love dressing up for Halloween and having fun as a family! May the force be with you ❤️ Star wars family costume submitted by Sabrina R.

Starbucks Family

DIY Starbucks Family Costume


We are the Starbucks Family! The parents are the barristas. Our oldest daughter is a frappuccino and our baby girl is a tall little latte. All of the costumes are homemade. We decided on this theme because we all love Starbucks! Starbucks Family costume submitted by Ann M.


Homemade Pokemon Charmander Costume


My 10 year old Jakob is a big pokemon fan and he really wanted a charmander costume. I grabbed my onesie pattern and got creative. I self drafted the hood and tail. I added his face to the hood using my embroidery machine. luckily my local spotlight had all the right coloured fleece available :) […]

Cell phone tower

Homemade Cellphone Tower Costume


This is my son who was obsessed with cell phone towers at the time. He wanted to be a cell phone tower, we had to make one because we couldn’t just go to the store and buy one. We used a cardboard box, duct tape, paper towel rolls, markers, and a light from a head […]

The Super Duper Family

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Family Costume


Clarissa (momma) aka Donatello with purple leggings turtle shirt with cape mask and staff. Tuff (3 year old) aka Michelangelo with numb chucks. Waylon (1.5 year old) aka Leonardo with swords. Ryder (few days old) aka. Raphael with turtle onside with swords and cape. Our boys were obsessed with The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and […]

Gotham Family

Gotham Family Costume


We typically build our family costumes around what the little one want to be. Last year he fell in love with this Robin costume and I was quick to get on board being Bat Girl…My husband who typically doesn’t like to dress up was super excited to be the Joker so this was our best […]

Xmen Family

DIY Xmen Family Costume


My husband made his Armoured Wolverine and our children decided they wanted to be Xmen with Daddy so my husband made our son (4) his Nightcrawler suit and painted him blue and he also constructed our daughters (11) X23 boots, claws and cuffs. They were a HUGE hit. We love comics and dressing up and […]

The Addams Family

DIY Addams Family Costume for a Family of 3


Well we had our first baby and we wanted a great costume and photo to admire on our wall and since my husband and I already resembled the characters we took a chance and got the perfect shot! The Addams Family costume submitted by Michelle P.

Sesame Street

Cute DIY Family Sesame Street Costume


This is me, my husband, our son who was almost 2, and are 2 (almost 3) month old. Me and my husband’s costumes were put together with various items and a cookie suit ordered online and I made our kids customers out of feaux fur. In this pic, we were dining at our favorite Thai […]