10 Epic Wonder Woman Costumes for 2018


#1 Note from Krystal: I usually only make costumes for my kids but this year for my birthday I decided to make one for myself and challenge myself by making armor. This Wonder Woman outfit took me 3 days to make and is mainly made out of foam and then hand-painted. Being a mom of […]

Princess Tiana Costume

Spectacular Princess Tiana Women’s Costume


My 2016 Halloween costume is from Disney’s 2009 The Princess and the Frog. I’ve always admired the dress she wears after her transformation I attempted to make this dress once before and failed but now I have gained skills to make it. The bottom half is made up of five layers, the green leaves, yellow […]

Redneck Joe Dirt Costume

Hilarious Redneck Joe Dirt Costume


I am 8 months pregnant and I work in the historical Buckstaff Bathhouse where we get lots of tourist. I usually dress up in something sexy but with my belly and all I really wanted shock factor this year. I got a mullet wig for $8 at WalMart and some water based paint for $.50! […]

Hulk Hogan Costume

Genius Hulk Hogan Costume


Newly single after 7 years of couples costumes, I needed to have a look this year that was outside of the ironic over-sized onsies or skimpy ensembles that are the norm for single women in 2016. “”Not me”” I thought to myself… “”I want to be DIFFERENT””. In my quest to win Halloween, I delved […]

Cruella Deville Kids Costume

Ridiculously Adorable Cruella Deville Kids Costume


Anita, Darling..Give me ALL the puppies!! We absolutely had so much fun with this costume! I love Halloween and have been preparing this for my daughter for months. Cruella is a DIY with a black and white wig (complete with a cute bow), pearls, a fancy black dress, black and white tights, red glitter shoes, […]

Cruella Deville Costume

Charming 101 Dalmations Family Costumes


This fun family consists of Cruella, her dalmatian and the dog napper! Cruella was planned out for several months and pieces were bought from all over! She was complete with her dalmatian fur shawl and feather boa, red glitter shoes, black and white tights, black and white wig with cute bow, and her famous cigarette […]

I Love Lucy Costume

Classic Pee Wee Herman and I Love Lucy Costume


Cameron as pee-wee Herman we ordered a suite smaller then him and used a long sleeve whit shirt and bow tie and added a vote for peewee shirt for the 2016 election we got a old pair of dress shoes and cut a small piece of wood and styrofoam and ducktaped the heel to make […]

Wizard of Oz Costume

Adorable Wizard Of Oz Family Costumes


The costume wearers are my sister with my children. My sister is the wicked witch of the west, and my children are Dorothy with Toto, Glinda the good witch, and a flying monkey. The inspiration came from absolutely loving the movie and just happening to have the right costumes fitting the right kids at the […]

Officer Hopps Costume

Cool OfficerJudy Hopps Costume


I am wearing this costume of Officer Judy Hopps from Disneys Zootopia! I bought a few articles of clothing and had to altar the chest piece, and I made the ears and the tail myself. I bought a long sheet of greyish white furry fabric and a sheet of pink felt. I cut and hot […]

Zombie Bride Costume

Flawless Zombie Bride Costume


I have been a HUGE Walking Dead fan since the show started and I always wanted to dress up as one of the bloody scary zombies for Halloween. So this year 2016, I went for it! I bought the dress at the store but it did not look the way it does in the photo. […]

Cheshire Cat Costume

Imaginative Cheshire Cat Costume


Its kind of mixed between a diy and a store bought costume. My best friends mom got married on halloween and asked me to be one of her favorite alice in wonderland characters: the cheshire cat! The entire face makeup was cream to powder i got from a small halloween shop down the street. I […]

Baby Owl Costume

Heart-warming Owl Costume For Baby


I named my grandson before he was born with the nickname of “Hoot” knowing he would grow up in Iowa and Illinois and enjoy his life and make those around him laugh and yet have the manners of a Southern gentlemen and be a wise man. His Mommy and Daddy named him Deagan but to […]

Gomez and Morticia Addams Costume

Brilliant Gomez and Morticia Addams Costumes


I have ALWAYS loved The Addams Family movie, Such a cult classic, so we were excited about our costumes this year as Morticia and Gomez Addams. Everything but Morticia’s black wig we already had, or found easily at a second hand store. Gomez is sporting a parted and slicked back hairdo, a bit of white […]

Mini Mouse Costume

Clever Mini Mouse Costume


My little brother Joezel is wearing the costume. My aunt and uncle made it. It’s a red wagon, has his little chair which is what he is sitting on; the wood my uncle painted it and it comes off. My aunt made his ears, they said that the ears were the hardest part from the […]

Christmas Tree Costume

Adorable Christmas Tree Costume for Kids


My 3 year old daughter told me 6+ months ago that she wanted to be a Christmas tree for Halloween…I ordered the costume from Amazon, thinking she would change her mind and we could use the costume for dress up. She did not change her mind…haha. I added battery operated lights to the dress and […]

Yukon Cornelius and The Bumble Costume

Classic Yukon Cornelius and The Bumble Costumes


This is a couple’s costume. I (Elyse) am dressed up as The Bumble from the old Rudolph movie. I ordered the hat from Amazon which has The Bumble’s face and teeth on it. I am also wearing a white faux fur vest, white sweater dress, and a white bathing suit cover up underneath that for […]

Rainbow Connection Costume

Homemade Rainbow Connection Couples Costume


I am wearing The Rainbow Connection costume based on the opening scene and song from the 1979 Muppet Movie. My inspiration for the design was a Ziegfeld Follies white peacock costume. I sewed together white muslin for the fan background and rainbow pieces of felt for the rainbow. I attached long muslin straps to pop […]

Chef Family Costumes

Creative Chef Family Costumes


My husband is a chef so we as a family went as Chefs. My husband was “Iron Chef”, a chef and Iron Man mash up. I made his Iron Man oven mit arc reactor with Styrofoam and lcd lights. I was Linguini from Ratatouille. I made a headband with a Rat standing. My daughter was […]

La Muerte Costume

Creative La Muerte Girl Costume


This is a hand done costume based on my daughter (wearer) favorite character. Carboard, fabric, foamies, felt and silk flowers from the dolar store!, all put together with a glue gun and some inspiration. The total cost? 28.50 dlls. My girl proudly wear it on school parades and the,fall festival and day of the death […]

Alice Looking Glass Family

Brilliant Alice in the Looking Glass Sibling Costumes


Every year my kids and I have more and more fun with Halloween….and it’s not even the night of Halloween that’s the most fun…it’s the prep for Halloween!! We always hand-make our costumes and try to only use things that we already have around the house. This year when we watched “Alice Through the Looking […]

Dairy Queen Costume

Unique Dairy Queen Girls Costume


Photo of my daughter as the Dairy Queen. She came up with this idea this summer on one of our many visits to Dairy Queen. We have been saving red Dairy Queen Spoons ever since. We started with a red queen type costume. I hot glued spoons to the collar. I traced Dairy Queen logos […]

Groot Costume

Breathtaking Groot Adult Costume


I loved the movie “Guardians Of The Galaxy” When I watched it with my grandkids they all wanted me to try to make them a Groot costume. I pondered it for weeks. How would I get it to stay on? How could it go together, and stay together? The feet could be added separately, and […]

Pop Art Girl Costume

Incredible Pop Art Girl Costume


This is me wearing a full head-to-toe pop art girl outfit that I made myself (excluding the dress). I’ve seen a few people wearing pop art inspired costumes, and even myself have tried it, but in both cases, red dots were used (which ends up looking odd), and the pop art effect was only used […]

Anna Frozen Fever Halloween Baby Costume

Anna Frozen Fever Halloween Baby Costume


My daughter is wearing a dress I made. She is Anna from the Frozen Fever short. I purchased the onesie that was white but I dyed it for a color match for the original costume. I then added the “vest” & hand painted the detail flowers onto it & added the yellow trim. I then […]

DIY Baby Popeye Costume

Grandma-Approved DIY Baby Popeye Costume


“This is my grandson Lenox and his mom and dad wanted him to be Popeye because he resembles him and even more so when he bites down on his gums and his cheeks puff out like Popeye. The costume was a teddy bear outfit I found at the goodwill and I altered it by cutting […]

Homemade Teen Joker Costume

Simple Homemade Female Teen Joker Costume


This is my daughter, Haley. She has always been an out of the box girl. So when her Girl Scout Troop decided to with the theme super hero & super villain, she immediately wanted to be the “villain”. So the Joker it was. We conveniently were able to find all the outfit needs at our […]

Couples Big Bang Theory Meets Suburbia Costume

Couples Big Bang Theory Meets Suburbia Costume


Our costumes are homemade through repurposing my everyday teacher garb, to turn into Dr. Amy from the Big Bang Theory. I was fortunate to even have an old Coach purse to throw into the mix! My husband grabbed a ‘Flash’ t-shirt and one of kids pillows so that Dr. Sheldon could come to life. It […]

Weeping Angel Statue Costume

Mind-Blowing Weeping Angel Statue Costume (Dr. Who)


I am wearing a custom made “weeping angel statue” from the show Dr. WHO. I Purchased a simple dress and hand painted with multiple shades of grey. The wings as well. The Morph body suit is also painted. I Added a small hula hoop to the bottom of the dress and I used a red […]

Blue Lego Ninjago DIY Kids Costume

Epic Blue Lego Ninjago DIY Kids Costume


My daughter Ava, she’s 8 years old. Loves lego ninja characters. I made her a homemade costume all by boxes and dollar store craft items. (View this next: Genius Chewbacca Kids Costume)