Cool Oscar the Grouch Costume


The costume is being worn by Michael Khan (me). The inspiration is my love of the long running series Sesame Street I looked at a number of Oscar costumes before building this and I wanted my to be authentic as possible. The fur on Oscars body is sourced from a number of bathmats from Walmart. I was very lucky to find the exact shade of green I was looking for.

Oscar The Grouch Costume

The head is made from a cardboard and duct tape base. The eye flap can be lifted up for increased vision (when it is down, my only line of sight is through two holes in the Styrofoam eggs that serve as his eyes). I wanted my Oscar to be able to talk so I created a mouth that would open when my mouth opened. I achieved this with the use of rubber bands and brats to attach the bottom mouth piece to the main head piece.

The main body was created by sewing the bath mat pieces to a pajama set. I have my lovely wife to thank for helping me with that part of the process. The gloves were garden gloves with pieces of fur attached via hot glue. I even found a pair of Oscar the grouch underpants which I wore on top of the fur pants for when I left my trash can.

I wanted a trash can that fit my entire body but was also versatile enough to walk in. I created the trash can using cardboard and aluminum tape. I cut long strips of cardboard which I pieced together to make the main body of the can. Attaching the strips allowed the can to be more malleable and fit through doorways easily.

I made a door on the side of the can that popped into place allowing me to enter and exit. The can was attached to my body with short cables running to a belt. This prevented people from seeing any type of harness attaching the can to my body but also allowed me to put it on and take it off with ease. I found a short metal stool at Walmart and shortened the legs to fit in the can allowing me to sit in it when necessary.

I fitted small speakers into the can which I used to blast our theme song when myself and my friends from Sesame street headed out. I attached a small strobe light in the can, which I could flip out to use when I wanted. I also made a small puppet of Oscars pet worm Slimey Which I controlled from inside the can using a simple rod mechanism. All in all the costume was a success and I was even able to close the lid of the can on top of myself to pop out and surprise people!

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