Cool OfficerJudy Hopps Costume


I am wearing this costume of Officer Judy Hopps from Disneys Zootopia! I bought a few articles of clothing and had to altar the chest piece, and I made the ears and the tail myself. I bought a long sheet of greyish white furry fabric and a sheet of pink felt. I cut and hot glued the fur fabric to long pieces of wire to make the ears and glue the pink felt into the middle and attached them to a headband, and I hot glued the same furry fabric to a sponge and glued them to my pants for the tail.

Officer Hopps Costume

I also made the arm and leg pieces with cut up socks and duct tape. I loved wearing this a lot because it is from a popular Disney movie and a lot of people were really excited to see it, especially kids and I just love seeing how happy it made everyone! It’s definitely one of my favourite costumes.

Officer Hopps

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