43 Clever Halloween Costumes for Kids


Halloween is a time for spooky ghosts and creepy ghouls, but it is also a time to show off creativity, ingenuity, and personality. A costume is a chance for children to show who they are and who they want to be. Here is a list of the funniest, most clever costumes for kids to wear this Halloween.

Love these clever and unique Halloween costume ideas for kids! Way better than the uber-branded Halloween costumes.

Doughnut Costume

This is the perfect costume for a child who is more treat than trick. It’s a round plush donut outfit decorated with pink frosting and colorful sprinkles. There’s hardly a need to collect candy this Halloween when this costume is already so sweet.

Star Wars Ewok Costume

One of the little ones in the family would be the perfect size for this Star Wars Ewok costume. Ewoks are undoubtedly the cutest cuddly creatures in the Star Wars universe, and this Halloween pint size fans can get into the Star Wars spirit with this cute costume.

Shark Costume

Whether you think sharks are the terror of the ocean or just a cool critter, little shark lovers will think this shark costume is a real scream. A little face peeking out between the jaws of this fearsome fish will be a hoot.

Heavenly Devil Costume

It’s hard to choose between sassy and sweet, especially when it’s Halloween. This costume is the perfect balance of trick and treat. The dress is half white and half red with one angel wing and one devil wing. Horns support a halo. It’s the best of both realms.

Future Fisherman Costume

The little ones wearing this outfit will be hoping to cast a line and hook some sweet treats this Halloween. It’s an adorable and clever fisherman costume that comes complete with a faux fishing license and cute little waders, hat, and vest.

Grandma Costume

For some reason, there is nothing funnier than a baby dressed as an old person. This handmade grandma costume would be a huge hit for anyone with a baby this Halloween. It includes big glasses and a hat made to look like old lady hair.

Dolphin Rider Costume

For a kid who loves to have an interesting costume that makes people look twice, this dolphin rider costume is an excellent option. It comes with goggles, black top, and bottom that has the illusion that the wearer is riding a dolphin.

Ninjago LEGO Costume

This costume perfectly emulates the classic LEGO style with a LEGO body outfit and a LEGO head mask. The cleverest part of this costume is the gloves that are designed to look exactly like classic LEGO hands. It is perfect for fans of LEGO’s Ninjago franchise.

Ride a Pony Costume

This town ain’t big enough for the two of us, but it might be big enough for a kid and a pony. This clever costume is a fun new twist on a classic cowboy or cowgirl look. Timeless features are enhanced with a big soft stuffed pony. It actually looks like the wearer is a riding a horse. Giddy-up.

Chef Costume

A chef costume is great for any child who has dreams of baking and cooking someday, or it’s just fun for anyone who loves to make mischief in the kitchen. Whatever your kid is cooking up, they will love wearing this chef costume.

Monarch Butterfly Costume

A butterfly costume can be as simple as a pair of wings thrown on, or it can be as elaborate as this awesome butterfly outfit. With a dress, tutu, leggings, gloves, headband, and big bug eye glasses, this butterfly costume takes things to the next level.

Whoopie Cushion Costume

Sound effects are not included with this hilarious whoopie cushion costume, but I’m sure whoever wears it is more than capable of providing those. This costume is perfect for any jokester, and it’s sure to make everyone laugh this Halloween.

Popcorn Costume

Whenever you walk into a movie theater, you always encounter that familiar smell. It’s movie theater popcorn. This Halloween, popcorn lovers will get a kick out of this popcorn costume. It looks just like a real popcorn container, and the best part is the clever popcorn headpiece.

Max Costume

This costume comes straight from the classic and beloved children’s book Where the Wild Things Are. Now any little member of the family can dress up as the curious and adventurous Max. Take some photos in a forest, and it will make for some awesome family memories this Halloween.

Peacock Costume

This costume might not frighten many people, but it’s sure to make them coo and laugh. A baby or toddler wearing a peacock costume is just too adorable. With colorful tail feathers, big beak, and fun bird feet, a little peacock will bring great Halloween cheer this October.

Mr. Postman Costume

They say that the postman will deliver mail no matter the weather.

Gumball Machine Costume

Gumball machines have such a classic and iconic look that makes everyone smile. This Halloween, anyone can have this classic look. This gumball machine costume comes will big colorful fake gumballs in a clear vinyl top. It’s topped off with a cute red cap.

Cupcake Costume

This costume is another sweet treat for Halloween. Add cake to the list of sweet things that everyone loves to enjoy on Halloween. This handmade dress is made to look like a cupcake with sprinkles and even a red cherry on top. The detail in this costume is clever.

Mario Riding Yoshi Costume

This Halloween you can dress up as not one but two of the most iconic video game characters of all time. This is a fun inflatable costume that has a clever illusion so that it actually looks like Mario is riding Yoshi. This costume is sure to be a hit with video game fans.

Ninja Turtles Costume

Involve the tiniest members of the family in the Halloween fun with this Ninja Turtles costume for babies. It’s perfect for the cutest little turtles around. Comes in multiple color options to match any of the beloved Ninja Turtles.

UPS Guy Costume

UPS asks what brown can do for you. This Halloween, brown can look great on any kiddo who loves special deliveries. Anyone wearing this costume will definitely be delivering smiles around the entire neighborhood. Shirt and cap with the UPS logo are included along with brown pants to complete the outfit.

Statue of Liberty Costume

She stands in the harbor and has been welcoming people into the country for decades, and now she’s a great, clever Halloween costume. The Statue of Liberty is a fun and patriotic option for any kid who wants to stand tall and stand out.

Owl Costume

It is said the of all the creatures in the world, the owl is the wisest of all. This Halloween, your little one can be wiser than the rest in this adorable owl costume. It’s soft and cozy. Everyone will think the big, round owl eyes are a total hoot.

Bacon Strip Costume

This costume is a little bit odd and a little bit weird. It’s perfect for any kid who has a fun personality and an enthusiasm for breakfast meat. You might feel fried after a night trick or treating as a strip of bacon.

Reindeer Costume

Some people are really big fans of Halloween, and they look forward to October every year. However, some people get more excited about a holiday two months later. This reindeer costume is perfect for a little one that is excited for Christmas. This costume is handmade.

T-Rex Costume

This costume is sure to be the talk of the block. It’s hilarious and striking, and it will get lots of attention. A fan inflates this tyrannosaurus rex costume that features pointy white teeth, funny little t-rex arms, and a long, swinging tail. It’s funny and cool.

Tootsie Roll Costume

Of all the candy there is to sort through at Halloween, the sweetest of all would be a baby in this tootsie roll costume. It’s a perfect and precious idea for a baby’s first Halloween. Everyone who sees a sweet tootsie baby will just want to eat them up.

Beast Costume

This handmade costume is extremely well made with enormous attention to detail. It is perfect for fans of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. It is custom made and comes with a jacket, pants, and shirt. Best of all are the custom beast paws and head piece for that authentic Disney style.

Sock Monkey Costume

Sock monkeys have been around for over one hundred years, and they have become an iconic childhood toy. This Halloween, little ones can dress up as a sock monkey and keep the tradition of cuteness alive. A long monkey tail and a monkey hat complete this look.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Costume

There have been some really famous pairs through the years: Romeo and Juliet, Salt and Pepper, Batman and Robin. The most-loved pair of all time has to be peanut butter and jelly! Grab a friend and share this peanut butter and jelly costume with them.

Inflatable Dinosaur Costume

Everyone can agree that bringing dinosaurs back to life is probably a bad idea, but this costume can help anyone with dinosaur wrangling aspirations to live out their dreams! It’s a funny and clever inflatable costume that makes it look like its wearer is actually riding a dinosaur.

Unicorn Costume

There is a huge variety of magical and mythical creatures that come out at Halloween – ghosts, vampires, ghouls, and sometimes even unicorns. This handmade unicorn costume includes tail, wings, and horn all made of soft fleece material. This unicorn costume is for the friendliest creatures at Halloween.

Garden Gnome Costume

The only thing better than a funny little cement garden gnome is a funny little baby garden gnome. This garden gnome costume is adorable and hilarious. It comes with a little gnome outfit and a pointed red hat. Best of all are the attached giant ears, eyebrows, and beard.

Sumo Wrestler Costume

Of all the inflatable costumes out there, this one might be the cleverest and the funniest. This costume inflates to an enormous size so that whoever wears it can be as big as a sumo wrestler without any of the actual bulk and weight. This costume is sure to get a lot of laughs.

Man-Eating Shark Costume

This costume has a clever twist on a classic shark costume. This shark has legs and feet hanging out as if a person has been eaten. It’s the perfect combination of funny and disturbing that makes for a super popular Halloween costume.

Bird Costume

If you look up into the night sky on Halloween, you might think the creatures you see are bats flapping around, but they might be birds. This colorful handmade bird costume has beautiful pink fabric feathers that will flutter in the cool night air. It is a unique and clever bird outfit.

Girl Tootsie Roll Costume

This costume is one of the sweetest options for girls this Halloween. What could be better than dressing as candy while you collect candy? This tootsie roll costume is great for girls who prefer treats over tricks.

Sock Monkey Girl Costume

Here is a girly twist on a classic childhood character. People have been making sock monkeys for over a century, and now you can enjoy the Halloween fun as a sock monkey. This costume includes a fun sock monkey dress, legwarmers, and the iconic sock monkey face on a hat.

Goldilocks Costume

Goldilocks is a classic and beloved character from childhood. This Goldilocks outfit features a dress, apron, pantaloons, and hair ribbons. It also includes small plush versions of the three bears. This is such a cute and clever costume for a little girl.

Baby Turkey Costume

Considering the fact that Thanksgiving is just around the corner from Halloween, this turkey costume is the perfect idea for a little one this October. This costume is soft and machine washable. Any baby with this costume is sure to be the center of attention during two holidays this autumn.

George Washington Costume

This handmade George Washington costume is made with great quality and attention to detail. It is designed based on authentic period clothing from the colonial times when George Washington lived. This costume includes a coat, neck ruffle, shirt, vest, and lace cuffs. It is perfect for a fan of history and the olden days.

Grandpa Costume

Dressing up as a grandpa is a great idea for a kid who has a ton of personality and really likes to get into character. This costume is a fun jumpsuit printed with high waisted trousers with a wild plaid print, a yellow t-shirt, and a brown vest. A bowtie and wig complete the look.

Granny Costume

With all the homework that kids are getting these days, it’s no wonder they feel like they have aged a hundred years. This granny costume comes with a dress, headscarf, and butt pad to get that silly granny booty.

16 Clever DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

Pineapple Costume DIY

Here is a homemade costume that idea that is easy, clever, unique, and sweet. Instructions for a do it yourself pineapple costume are simple and require no sewing. Design can be modified for other fruits. The sweetest part is the creative little pineapple hat.

Elmo Costume DIY

Elmo is one of the most popular and beloved childhood television characters of all time. Here are instructions for an easy Elmo costume that requires no sewing. There are really only three main things needed for this costume: a red shirt, red pants, and red felt.

Rainbow Costume DIY

Not everyone likes to dress up as something scary for Halloween, and not all parents like how scary costumes can be. This is a do it yourself idea that is about as cheerful and happy as you can get. It’s a rainbow dress with fluffy clouds, sure to make everyone smile.

Field of Flowers Costume DIY

Here is another cheerful and happy Halloween costume idea. All that this costume requires is a shirt, leggings, fake flowers, and a glue gun. After some patient gluing, this costume is ready for any happy child to look like a field of fresh flowers.

The Birds Costume DIY

The Birds is a classic film directed by Alfred Hitchcock in 1963. This costume idea is fantastic for adults and kids because it’s clever and very simple and cheap to make. All it requires is attaching some inexpensive decorative crows to clothing.

Paper Doll Costume DIY

This paper doll costume is a clever idea for a homemade costume because it’s so inexpensive and would take no time at all. All you need is posterboard and something to write with. This proves that there’s no need to spend a lot of money to have a clever costume.

Mermaid Costume DIY

It is true that witches and ghouls are more often seen on Halloween, but there’s no reason other mythical creatures can’t join the fun. This do it yourself mermaid costume looks as good as anything bought from a store, and it’s an inexpensive alternative.

Gumball Machine Costume DIY

Everyone love sweet treats like candy and cookies on Halloween. Another favorite sweet treat is gumballs, especially if you’re wearing them. This gumball machine costume is easy to make, and it’s a clever and fun do it yourself costume. This idea incorporates real gumballs for a whimsical look.

Cotton Candy Costume DIY

Another sweet treat that people like to enjoy is cotton candy. It’s not just for the circus anymore. It’s actually a fun and unique idea for a homemade costume. With a clever tutorial and some time, a cotton candy costume is a great option for any kid.

Where’s Waldo Costume DIY

It’s hard to find Waldo in his classic series of books for children, but it’s not hard to spot a clever costume. This homemade Waldo costume requires only two things: a crocheted hat and a red and white striped shirt. Round glasses complete the costume.

Wind-up Doll Costume

Sometimes costumes that are clever and fun take a lot of time or money to achieve, but this wind-up doll costume is clever and simple and easy. A wind-up key made of cardboard and spray painted gold is all that is required to make this awesome costume.

Needle and Thread Costume DIY

Any good do it yourself costume should be simple to make and inexpensive. This needle and thread costume definitely fits the bill, and it’s also clever and unique. Any crafty kiddo will love this costume, and it’s simple enough for them to help with its creation.

Flower Pot Costume DIY

This cute and crafty costume only takes ten minutes and six dollars to make. You need a big plastic bucket, some fake flowers, and rope. After you put it together, you’ve got the cutest flower pot costume that is clever and unique.

Upside-Down Man Costume DIY

Upside-down man is a costume that is so clever and unique, everyone will be scratching their heads when they see it. It uses things that anyone might already have around the house, and it creates a hilarious illusion of someone walking on their hands. Everyone will love this costume.

Bob Ross Costume DIY

Most little ones are too young to remember famous painter Bob Ross, but his painting skills and his positivity are timeless. All you need to make a Bob Ross costume is a wig, some denim clothes, and a painting for a prop. It doesn’t hurt to use makeup to add a beard.

Paint Brush Costume DIY

For this costume, the only thing needed are some cheap brooms and a little bit of creativity. The paint brush hat is made with bristles from a broom poked in a foam disc. Add a painter’s palette, and you have the perfect costume for a little artist.

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