Classic Yukon Cornelius and The Bumble Costumes


This is a couple’s costume. I (Elyse) am dressed up as The Bumble from the old Rudolph movie. I ordered the hat from Amazon which has The Bumble’s face and teeth on it.

Yukon Cornelius and The Bumble Costume

I am also wearing a white faux fur vest, white sweater dress, and a white bathing suit cover up underneath that for added length. I have white leggings and generic white faux fur leg warmers from Party City. I spray painted my Uggs blue for his blue feet and wore blue fingerless gloves for his blue hands. I also put blue eyeshadow around my eyes and blue lipstick on my lips.

My boyfriend dressed up as Yukon Cornelius (also from the old Rudolph movie). He got his Blue jacket from Goodwill, Blue pants from Walmart, and ordered the backpack, toolbelt, and hat from Amazon.

He made his pick axe out of a fallen branch and sculpted/painted styrofoam. The yellow earmuffs are just the bottoms of solo cups covered in yellow felt with rubber bands on the inside to attach to his ears. He cut the mustache out of cardboard and glued red felt over it (the beard is all natural). And he wore his workboots along with everything.

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