31 Incredible Catwoman Makeup Tutorials


Catwoman is one of the most popular Halloween costumes for women year after year. This is probably a combination of the fact that it is easy to put together and also incredibly sexy! One thing that is really going to help to take your Catwoman costume to the next level is having the right make up which is why we have pulled together a collection of some of our favorite Catwoman make up tutorials.

Cat Woman Makeup Tutorial

This easy Catwoman make up tutorial will show you how to create a dramatic and glamorous look inspired by Michelle Pfeiffer’s version of Catwoman from the Batman Returns movie. It is all about the smokey, feline eyes and the bold red lip!

Retro Catwoman Bodypaint Tutorial

This body paint make up video is a little bit different to some of the others that we have seen because it is based on a more retro version of Catwoman! When the character first started to appear in the comic books circa 1940 there wasn’t a catsuit in sight – in fact, she wore a purple dress with a green cape!

Purrfect Cat’s Eyes Make Up Tutorial

When you are creating a Catwoman make up look, it is pretty much ALL about the eyes! This tutorial shows how to create the perfect feline style eyes packed with plenty of drama making it perfect for your Catwoman costume.

Catwoman Bodypaint Tutorial

This fantastic tutorial will show you how to replicate the make up and body paint to give you that iconic Catwoman look ala Michelle Pfeiffer in Batman Returns. This is one of the most recognisable Catwoman looks of them all and this tutorial will help you to achieve it.

Glam Catwoman Make Up

This Catwoman make up tutorial is a really great one, because although it is designed to be used with a Catwoman mask, it is also a glam look that could be used for any night out! It features lots of eyeliner for those cat like eyes and a red lip.

Arkham City Catwoman Make Up

This make up tutorial demonstrates a great make up look if you are opting for the Arkham City version of Catwoman. This is a great deal more subtle than some Catwoman looks and is centred around a smoky eye, making it very wearable even out of costume.

Sexy Catwoman Make Up Look

This sexy Catwoman make up look is inspired by the Batman Returns Catwoman as played by Michelle Pfeiffer. This one is all about a vampy red lip and lots and lots of sleek eyeliner! This is a make up look that has plenty of drama

Catwoman Glamour Make Up Look

This glamorous Catwoman look is dramatic and glam, but puts a more girly twist on the usual feline look. There is lots of emphasis on the eyes, but instead of the standard red lip, this one uses a strong pink shade instead.

Catwoman Masquerade Make Up Look

One of the most elegant Catwoman looks comes from the Masquerade scene in The Dark Knight Rises when Anne Hathaway’s Selina Kyle is dancing with Bruce Wayne. She is not in full Catwoman mode, but her lace mask and ears give subtle hints to who she is. This tutorial gives you the chance to recreate this look.

Pretty Catwoman Make Up Tutorial

This Catwoman look is a softer, prettier look which would be ideal for younger women and teens who do not want to ear the heavier make up that many of these looks use. It still has the dramatic feline eye make up, but mainly with liner rather than the smokey eye and it is paired with a more natural lip.

Catwoman Make Up & Nails

This two in one tutorial is not only going to show you how to recreate a stunning Catwoman make up look, but also how to do your nails as well! After all, what is Catwoman without her claws? It is these extra little finishing touches that can really complete a costume perfectly!

Vintage Catwoman Make Up

For many Batman fans, Julie Newmar’s portrayal of Catwoman in the sixties will always be the most iconic. This tutorial will teach you how to recreate that vintage Catwoman look with sixties style make up and hair.

Catwoman Make Up Tutorial

This basic Catwoman make up tutorial is inspired by Anne Hathaway’s version of the feisty femme fatal. It makes good use of products you likely already have in your make up bag. In fact, you need just 3 products – a red lipstick, some liquid liner and lashings of black mascara!

Catwoman Halloween Make Up Look

This sexy Catwoman Halloween make up look is simply stunning. You will especially love the shimmery eye make up used which gives this make up look a little something extra! This is a very sultry look that is just perfect for Catwoman.

Catwoman Halloween Make Up

This stunning Catwoman make up look is just perfect for Halloween. The dramatic red lips are perfectly complemented with the feline eye make up featuring both outer and inner wings for the perfect Catwoman feline look.

Fierce Feline Catwoman Make Up Look

The great thing about Catwoman is that your make up can be as dramatic or as subtle as you choose. This particular tutorial is for a highly wearable feline look that is perfect for Catwoman costumes, but equally perfect for a night out. It is subtle, but still fierce!

Halloween Catwoman Make Up Tutorial

This stunning Catwoman look is going to transform you into the ultimate femme fatale. It is easy to see how Selena Kyle aka Catwoman managed to captivate Bruce Wayne looking like this! Let out your inner villain with this make up tutorial.

Catwoman Mask Makeup Look

If you like the look of the standard Catwoman eye mask, but like many people hate the idea of actually wearing a hot and itchy mask all night, then you are going to love this clever make up tutorial which will create a sexy mask.

Vampy Catwoman Make Up Tutorial

If dressing up as feline femme fatale Catwoman isn’t the perfect excuse to truly vamp it up, then we don’t know what is! This make up tutorial demonstrates a full on glamorous look with deep red lips and heavy eye make up.

Trio of Catwoman Make Up Looks

This fantastic Catwoman make up tutorial will give you instructions for not one, not two, but three different Catwoman looks – Newar, Pfeiffer and Hathaway! That means that whatever style you are going for, this tutorial most likely has you covered.

Step By Step Catwoman Make Up

If you are already comfortable with applying make up, then this quick step by step guide is going to help you to take an ordinary evening make up look and transform it in to the perfect Catwoman make up!

Catwoman Style Make Up

Regardless of which modern incarnation of Catwoman you are choosing to interpret, this helpful tutorial is going to give you all the advice that you need to create a beautiful Catwoman inspired make up look.

Catwoman Make Up Guide

This excellent how to guide is going to be great for walking you through all of the steps required to recreate a wonderful Catwoman make up look complete with painted on eye mask. You could even stop before the mask step if you just want a make up look, or if you have a separate mask you want to wear as part of your costume.

Catwoman Make Up Anne Hathaway Style

This helpful tutorial is going to give you all the tips and pointers that you need to create a really good Catwoman look inspired by Anne Hathaway’s version of the feline fatale. It is a very adaptable look which would not look out of place even on a standard night out long after Halloween is over!

Subtle Catwoman Make Up Look

If you are not one for heavy make up then this is the Catwoman tutorial for you. It is a look that is very subtle, but which looks absolutley beautiful. This is a really great look for teenagers and young er women who are perhaps not as comfortable with more dramatic, heavier make up.

The Dark Knight Rises Catwoman Make Up Tutorial

This beautiful make up look replicates the look worn by Anne Hathaway as Selena Kyle/ Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises. It is the perfect way to finish off your Halloween costume. It is an elegant and sophisticated look which will transform you into a femme fatale!

Cute Catwoman Make Up Look

This cute Catwoman look replicates Michelle Pfeiffer’s stitched latex look using facepaint which is a great idea if you do not want to wear the full hood/mask piece of the costume. It is easy to achieve, especially with this tutorial to guide you along the way.

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