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Thoma the Train

Homemade Thomas the Train Costume


My 2 yr old loves Thomas and I couldn’t find a good costume for Thomas. After searching for an engineer I decided to make Thomas out of his wagon. I wanted it to be durable for a 2 yr old to ride in. So that’s when I decided to us 2x4s, plywood and screws! I […]

Cutie Pie Oven

DIY Pie Oven Costume


The adorable pie you see pictured is my daughter Layla. Her costume was handmade from felt with a piece of Styrofoam for the headpiece. My family loves Halloween and I wanted to make her something awesome. I came across the pie costume but that wasn’t good enough. After lots of thinking I decided to build […]

Mama’s Chicken Coop

DIY Mama’s Chicken Coop Costume


I handmade my boys’ costumes. I used white feather boas sewed to White onesies with yellow tights, old shoes covered with yellow rubber gloves stuffed with pillow stuffing. For the head pieces I used white pilot caps and glued red felt “combs” to them. I also turned their wagon into a chicken coop using scraps […]

Dumb and Dumber

Homemade Dumb and Dumber Toddler Costume


Benjamin “Lloyd Christmas”, age 3, and Britney “Harry Dunne”, age 1, dressed as Dumb and Dumber for Halloween 2014! Britney had crazy, thin, unruly blonde hair which caused her dad to call her “Harry Jr.” This nickname got me thinking and resulted in the epic costume. The blue and orange suits were purchased off Amazon. […]

Peacock Princess

Homemade Peacock Princess Costume


I made this Peacock Princess outfit for my 2 year old daughter Ahzaleah (Azi for short) Mallery. Her room is done up in peacocks because I love the purple and teal combo and peacocks. 🙂 She kept telling me she wanted to be a princess, then she’d see a peacock in her room and tell […]

My Little Scarecrow

DIY My Little Scarecrow Costume for Toddlers


This is my son, Weston, wearing his scarecrow costume handmade by me. This is his second Halloween and I find it so much more fun making his costumes rather than buying from a store. I was surfing pinterest one day for DIY costumes and saw the cutest little scarecrow costume and started working on it […]

Grammy turns 2!

Adorable DIY Grandma Costume for 2 Year Olds


My daughter who just turned 2 is wearing the grandma costume. It was inspired by her Grammy (my mom). Made from an old lady’s dress, shrunk down to toddler size and the bottom of the dress was used as the infinity scarf. The pearl necklace was my Grandmas and the glasses were painted sunglasses with […]


DIY Ursula Costume for 2 Year Old Girl


This is my two year old daughter. We are a Disney family, and she has just about every princess dress possible. When we were going through them to decide which one to use for Halloween, she declared that she wanted to be a “BOO!”, which is her name for Disney Villains. She wanted to be […]

Snow White

Cute Snow White Costume for Toddlers


This is my niece wearing a store-bought Snow White costume. I saw it on the mannikin and thought she would look perfect in it. I didn’t get to add any extras since it was already pretty complete, I tried to give her an apple but she was having too much fun with her mini pumpkin. […]


Dorothy Costume from The Wizard of Oz for Toddlers


This is my daughter Reagan she is wearing Dorothy this year! She loves to carry baskets, purses, bags etc. So I thought what a better way to let her have fun with a basket! The shoes top it off! Dorothy Wizard of Oz costume submitted by Rachael C.