Category: Scary Costumes

Miss AfterLife

Homemade Miss AfterLife Skeleton Costume


The glamour of beauty pageants, the fascination of bones. It’s combination is both comical yet absurd, and that’s the way I like it. A twist on the traditional Miss America ideal. I prefer to create what has never been seen before, unlike those who copy popular movie or cosplay characters down to the detail. Hand-painting […]

The Ring (Samara is Back!)

DIY The Ring (Samara is Back) Costume


My name is Krystal Romero. I am the one who made and who is in The Ring costume. I thought about it a week ago when I saw the movie. I didn’t know how I was going to do it but I knew I had to try. I bought foam boards and wood sticky back […]

Female Clown

Creepy Female Clown Costume


I Robin Hess am the female clown. I wore an AHS Creepshow dress I purchased at Hot Topic, Black leggings from Walmart, Red Chucks, a red spiral wig bought on ebay, a clown hat from Walmart and turquoise contacts purchased from Spooky Eyes. I wore this for Halloween and my grandson’s 1st birthday who was […]

Creepy baby doll

DIY Creepy Baby Doll Costume and Makeup


I am the creepy baby doll, I bought my dress from an online store, and bought my wig from a Halloween store, the makeup I had from previous Halloweens. I like to do creepier costumes, ones that make people stare and do double takes. I had the idea in my head but not how to […]

Saydoo and SayDont

SayDoo and SayDont Scary Clown Couples Costume


Say do and say don’t clown costumes are our brain children of my creation for our haunted house they are both brothers in real life and on the stage they are best clan companions they strike fear into thousands of people each night. Saydo and saydon’t are what nightmares are made of. Saydoo and SayDont […]