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Blue Crayon Group

Blue Crayon Group Costume


My little brother (7 at the time) wanted to be a blue crayon and wanted us all to be crayons so we went as the “Blue Crayon Group”. We have 4 store bought crayon costumes in different blues then we bought different color blue shirts for the adults and dog and painted them with a […]

Snapchat Filters

DIY Snapchat Filters Group Costume


We chose to be some of the most popular Snapchat filters, the butterfly filter, deer filter, rainbow filter, and dog filter. We made everything on our own and came up with the idea on our own too! Snapchat Filters costume submitted by Andrea M.

Team Green Arrow

Team Green Arrow Group Halloween Costume


For Halloween this year my boyfriend, his friend, his friend’s girlfriend and I decided to go as characters from the popular tv show “Arrow.” The show is based off of the DC comic Green Arrow. The characters that we went as from the show are (left to right) Black Canary, Green Arrow, Arsenal (Red Arrow/Speedy), […]

Call of Duty girls

DIY Call of Duty Girls Group Costume


We wanted to do something different this year as a group that was more unique then “the purge” so we did Call of Duty girls from the popular video game call of duty. We hand painted our guns as well as our knives and decorated our harnesses with COD & what player number we were […]

Disney on parade

Disney on Parade Group Costume


My mother made the castle behind us out of cardboard. It was painted glittered, glued and placed behind us. It was 15 feet high. It took three weeks to make it. The mascot costumes were ordered from China. Minnie mouse is my mother Bobby Milne. Mickey Mouse is my friend Curt Wiley. Goofy is my […]

mad hatter queen of hearts tweedle dee and the boogie man

Alice in Wonderland Group Costumes


The mad hatter and queen of hearts we used alot of different make up kits to get the realistic look of our characters tweedle dee is a blow up costume with a fan motor too capture the look of tweedle dee and the boogie man is made of a bulap sack material with yarn and […]