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The Batman Family

The Batman Family Costume


As you can see, the kiddos are heroes and we (the parents) are the VILLAINS! As usual! 😉 The Batman Family costume submitted by Ashley B.

Beetlejuice Family

Incredible Homemade Beetlejuice Family Costume


This is my husband, my son, daughter and I wearing the Beetlejuice Family costumes! I am an avid Goodwill shopper so in January I was just shopping the dress section for something cute and came across this dress in my exact size!! As soon as I saw it I thought it looked EXACTLY like the […]

DIY Beetlejuice Family Costume

DIY Beetlejuice Family Costume


Many of the items were used with household items. Most of our clothes were items hiding in the back of the closet or thrift store finds that were modified for each character. The masks were made from cardboard, wire coat hangers, newspaper, and homemade paper mache clay…and many, many hours of lost sleep. “Beetlejuice”‘s wig […]

Bee Family

Cute Bee Family Costume


I am a busy, working mom of 4 girls. We try to have a family theme every year this year I was the busy queen been, with my four little working bees and my husband was the bee manager who tries to manage the little bees to be good working bees. Bee Family costume submitted […]

Star Wars Family

Star Wars Family Costume


My husband, son, and myself decided to dress up in Star Wars costumes. Both of them are X-Wing Pilots and I am Rey. We wanted to dress up as something we truly love when attending Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween last year. Star Wars Family costume submitted by Jessica R.

Milk cycle

DIY Dairy Farm Family Costume


I first thought of being a milkman at the high school at which I teach. We have smaller advisories and I had the idea of having my students be milk cartons (one chocolate, of course!) for a group competition. I then thought it would be a good idea for my family and thought of a […]

Lego justice league

DIY Lego Justice League Family Costume


Our family Justice League Costumes We made these in a week. Mom is Lego wonder woman. Dad is Lego dark side. Oldest so is Lego Batman. Youngest son is Lego Superman. Lego justice league costume submitted by Ashley C.

My little pony family

DIY My Little Pony Family Costume


Granddaughters dress was store bought but the other 3 My Little Pony costumes were made using sweat pants and shirts and lots of felt. My little pony family costume submitted by Deanna H.

Despicable Me

Homemade Despicable Me Family Costume


As a family of six, we like to figure out a theme and dress accordingly. When one of the kids came up with the Despicable Me theme, we obviously had to run with it. The characters in that movie are so similar to our own personalities, there really wasn’t a better choice. I am Lucy […]

Scary Clown Family

DIY Scary Clown Family Costume


Dad is wearing a store bought scary clown mask. Wearing his own suit he purchased years ago. Bought clown shoes and clown white gloves. Daughter Clown is a Do it yourself costume Mom put together. Tutu and some pink suspenders. Painted mini clowns face and she loved it. Mom is wearing a store bought clown […]

The Cat in the Hat

DIY The Cat in the Hat Family Costume


This is Mostly DIY . The only costume that I bought was the Cat In the Hat Costume. I did glue ears onto the hat. The rest of the costumes and vehicles I made at home. The Bid Red Box for Thing 1 and Thing 2 was the kids wagon. I attached cardboard all the […]

Adventure Time family costume

Homemade Adventure Time Family Costume


Adventure time is one of our favorite shows! Of course the only option we had that year was to dress up as our favorite characters! I’m Amy, and I am dressed as Marceline the Vampire Queen! I hand made the axe bass with card board and paper mache, then painted it and put the strings […]


DIY Wendy’s Family Costume


When on a family road trip we took an exit for Wendy’s and ended up finding 5 abandoned puppies. We named them Wendy, Burger, French Fry, Nugget and Frosty. We brought them all home (12+ hours drive in our minivan) and “adopted” Burger + found loving furever homes for all of his siblings. Our family […]

Mars Attacks!

DIY Mars Attacks Family Costume


I made nearly everything we are wearing. I made the female alien dress, wig, and face piece. I sculpted, cast, and painted the alien masks. We used morph suits for both aliens and I added some foam to make arm ridges. I made the alien cape and fuel pack as well. The Mars Attacks president […]


DIY Labyrinth Family Costume (Wow!)


Labyrinth was our family costume for 2013. I made the Ludo mask and bodysuit. I made the Sara dress and all of Jareth’s costume. I also made the little dog sitting on our real dog so we could have a Sir Didymus and include our dog, Banjo. Labyrinth family costume submitted by Steph P.


Aladdin Family Halloween Costume


Our 4 year old Daughter loves the Princess Jasmine, so we thought having a Halloween theme around that Princess would work great! My Husband resembles Aladdin so that worked out perfect! We found his outfit on etsy, and I made his and Abu’s hat. Our little 2year old can be mighty fierce so making her […]

Crocheted Pokemon Family

Homemade Crocheted Pokemon Family Costume


I crocheted all items with no pattern. The Squirtle costume is worn by my oldest Briana. I made the shell first and added cardboard and batting to add shape to it. I just sewed the black lines on the front of the shell. The hat was a simple double crochet beanie with needle felting for […]

Jolly Holiday

DIY Marry Poppins Family Costume


Our Mary Poppins theme was something I started collecting pieces for months before Halloween. Mostly thrift store finds. Had to add sleeves and ribbons to dress, tulle and ribbons to hats, and added the colorful stripes to Burts jacket using duct tape. Marry Poppins family costume submitted by Cassie L.

SpongeBob &squidward

Homemade SpongeBob and Squidward Costumes


This is my son and husband. Both costumes are homemade. My son wanted to be spongebob. His costume is made up of a bendable laundry hamper. They fabric was made of tshits. Which cost less then $10 total. My husbands is tall 6ft 8in so due to his height I thought squidward would be perfect. […]

Oompa Loompas

DIY Oompa Loompa Family Costume


Who doesn’t love the Oompa Loompas from Charlie and the Chocolate factory??? Made this family costume while working and going to grad school. It only took a month to convince my girl to be this. Typical young girls want princess costumes only. Everyone loved it. Oompa Loompa family costume submitted by Michelle G.

Peter Pan Family

DIY Peter Pan Family Costume


We are a Disney loving family and I love to sew! We were inspired by the 1953 version of the Peter Pan film. I (mom) am Peter Pan, Dad is Captain Hook, Goose, 4, is Wendy Darling, Tiny, 2, is Tinkerbell, and Aunt Carrie is Smee. Every portion of every costume other than Captain Hook’s […]

Team Rocket

DIY Pokemon Team Rocket Family Costume


Our family plays Pokemon Go. I suggested Pokemon to my 4yo. Instead of picking a well known Pokemon, she wanted to be Meowth and parents be Jesse and James. We were to be Team Rocket and her little sister Pikachu because in real life, we are always catching her. For the adult costumes we had […]

Monsters Inc

DIY Monsters Inc Family Costume


Dad is Sully, made with overalls and we hot glued stuffing on it. Then he spray painted on the spots Mom is Celia. Dress is handsewn. Snakes are purple mesh tubing with pipe cleaners inside. Glued eyes to the ends. Eye is felt and glued to a headband Ky is Mike Wyzowski. Hand Made from […]

Adventure time

DIY Adventure Time Family Costumes


My kids are crazy for the cartoon called Adventure Time so as a mom I want to make that happen for them always. Store bought costume can be so ill fitting so because I love to sew and make things I decided to make costumes for the whole family. I made for myself princess bubblegum […]

Viking Family

DIY Viking Family Costumes


With a love of all things Vikings and Norse we thought going as a viking family would be great this year. We didn’t have my daughter’s wheelchair yet at the time so transforming her wagon into a viking ship seemed the best and coolest option. I made the viking costumes for myself, my husband, and […]

Alice in zombieland

DIY Alice in Zombieland Family Costumes


I am wearing the Alice costume. I bought it at spirit. Alice returns to wonderland to find the virus taking over. She’s bitten by the white rabbit. I am eating the heart of the chesshire cat and the finger of tweedle Dee. Alice in Zombieland family costumes submitted by Maria B.

Scooby doo gang

DIY Scooby Doo Gang Family Costumes


Dad is “Shaggy”. Simple costume just a green shirt which we already had and khaki shorts/pants (it was warm weather so we did shorts) and don’t forget the wig which completes the whole thing. Mom is “Fred”. Just a blue button down collared shirt with a white sweatshirt over it. The ascot is just a […]

Young”s Wild Animal Sanctuary & Escaped Wild Monkey

Young”s Wild Animal Sanctuary and Escaped Wild Monkey Family Costume


This year we asked Eli (18 months at the time) what he wanted to dress up as for Halloween … After a moment of thought, he started making monkey sounds! Very fitting since he IS a total monkey kid! Mom & Dad are wearing used button up shirts from Savers with custom made logo stickers. […]

Cruella Deville Costume

Charming 101 Dalmations Family Costumes


This fun family consists of Cruella, her dalmatian and the dog napper! Cruella was planned out for several months and pieces were bought from all over! She was complete with her dalmatian fur shawl and feather boa, red glitter shoes, black and white tights, black and white wig with cute bow, and her famous cigarette […]

Wizard of Oz Costume

Adorable Wizard Of Oz Family Costumes


The costume wearers are my sister with my children. My sister is the wicked witch of the west, and my children are Dorothy with Toto, Glinda the good witch, and a flying monkey. The inspiration came from absolutely loving the movie and just happening to have the right costumes fitting the right kids at the […]