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Loofa Dog and Owner Costume

Genius Lufa Dog and Owner Costume


These 2 are really going to keep it clean this Halloween with their brilliant bathroom themed costumes! The pooch looks ready to clean the neighborhood and the owner looks ready for her morning routine. Nothing dirty this Halloween!

11 Darth Vader Dog Costumes (For Those of the Dark Side)


Show off your dog’s dark side this Halloween with one of these incredible Darth Vader costumes! These costumes are perfect for all four-legged Sith Lords who want to show everyone where their allegiance lies. There is also an incredible DIY tutorial ideal for the evil Vader’s who want to take things into their own hands […]

44 Superman Dog Costumes for Your Pup of Steel


Let your furry little four-legged friend come to the rescue and save the world this Halloween with one of these incredible Superman costumes! These costumes are a must have for all dogs who want to be this years superhero. For the owners who want a bit more of a challenge and to take things into […]

25 Magical Harry Potter Dog Costumes


Harry Potter fans rejoice this Halloween and prepare your dogs for their next year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry with these outstanding costumes! This list contains costumes perfect for all Harry Potter and dog lovers who want to show their support this Halloween. For the dog owners who want to take things into […]

dog pirate costumes

40 Pirate Dog Costumes That Will Melt Your Heart


Raise the skull and bone flags and set sail this Halloween with your furry little first mate in one of these outstanding pirate dog costumes! These costumes of all sizes and styles are perfect for anyone who wants to sail the 7 seas with their dog in search of loot and treasure! For the scurvy […]

33 Dog Shark Costumes for Your Fur Child


Prepare your furry little four-legged friend for a shark infested Halloween with one of these outstanding pet shark costume! These costumes are perfect for sharks of all sizes and will have them looking as ferocious as ever. There are also some incredible DIY costume tutorials below that are perfect for the shark owners who want […]

74 Genius Dog and Owner Costumes


Show all your friends that you are the coolest dog owner this Halloween with matching costumes! These costumes will prove to everyone that you and your dog really are best friends ready to have some fun this year. DIY costume tutorials are also available that’ll help save you some money and create the perfect costumes […]

best dogs halloween costumes

38 Best Dog Halloween Costumes of All Time


When it comes to Halloween, it is a great time for the whole family to dress up and have a great deal of fun. Since our pets are also a big part of our families, there is no reason why they cannot get in on the action too! Dog owners in particular love to dress […]