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Mr. T Bone Dog Costume

DIY Mr. T Dog Costume


Chloe is a rescue dog and most resembles a Rhodesian Ridgeback and Pitt bull mix. I was trying to find a costume that would fit my dog Chloe with her type of look and build. She already gets mistaken for a boy, so having her look more manly was an obvious choice. I soon became […]

Purple Rain, by The Dog Formerly Known as Olive

DIY Purple Rain Prince Costume for Dogs


Dearly Beloved, We are gathered here today to get through this thing called life. -The Dog Formerly Known as Olive. Olive is a 4-year old Golden Retriever that absolutely LOVES to dress up. She’s a bit of a big girl (she’s not fat, she’s just fluffy ;) ) so regular store-bought costumes never seem to […]

Warrior Wilma

DIY Warrior Wilma Viking Costume for Dogs


This is my Great Dane Wilma tapping into her warrior princess this Halloween! She thinks she is ruler of our house, so this costume seemed very appropriate. Most of this costume was bought, but altered to fit her 175 pounds. Seams were taken out and material added, I also made her the wrist cuffs. We […]

Bridedog of Frankenstein

DIY Bride of Frankenstein Costume for Dogs


This is Wilma my blue eyed white Great Dane as the Bride of Frankenstein. I wanted to use her unusual looks in a striking Halloween costume. She is wearing a very big wig, which was a challenge to figure out how to keep it on. I then made her a layered gauze dress in a […]

Mr.Spock – The Sheltie

Mr. Spock Star Trek Dog Costume


This here is my pupper in crime named ‘Kaiba’. He’s a soon to be a one year old Shetland Sheepdog. This will be his first Halloween! He will accompany us while we hand out candy and greet the kids; I’m sure he’ll bring them many smiles. He’s dressed up as Mr. Spock from ‘Star Trek […]

Trophy Buck

DIY Trophy Buck Dog Costume


I always think of my little chi as a little deer so that was my inspiration..Her name is,Bella 2 yr old chihauhau she is always game for anything I want to pun intended..but its homemade I think those are always the best costumes because people really put effort and alot of thought into what […]

Pig In A blanket.

Bacon Costume for Dogs


Knox is wearing a Bacon strip! He is a French bulldog but I call him a pig because he makes pig sounds… lots of snorting!… so he was a pig in a blanket for this Halloween. Pig In a blanket is an appetizer. Typically a small sausage wrapped in bacon. Bacon costume submitted by Christine.

Miss Piggy

Cute Miss Piggy Dog Costume


Costume worn by my French Bulldog, Lola The Terrible. If she has to be Miss Piggy, she’s going to rock it! Costume was store bought, but I changed dress from blue to pink and added the pearls to give it a taste of Lolas own style. Miss Piggy costume submitted by Lola T.

This little piggy

Cute Pig Costume for Dogs


Costume worn by my French Bulldog, Lola The Terrible. She’s one pooped Piggy in a baby costume. Pig costume submitted by Lola T.

Suor Maflaria

DIY Nun Dog Costume


I wanted to make a Halloween outfit for Missy, my little poodle, as the pumpkin outfit we ordered did not arrive in time. I had helped my friend to make hers, a Pope outfit for her dog. So I thought hmmm, a nun would go great with Bach (her dog). I never sewed a thing […]


BullyBee Costume for Dogs


Out little girl smores. We have a bee hive on out deck and she is fascinated by it and the bees. So we made her part of he family for the day, not sure if the other bees will notice though…. Bullybee costume submitted by Susan.

Wake up fishy!

Wake Up Fishy Finding Nemo Dog and Owner Costume


My costume inspiration came from watching Finding Nemo with my niece a few weeks ago. She imitated Darla by saying “wake up fishy” and “I’m a piranha” and snapping her teeth. I told her she could be Darla for Halloween and she made a face, said she didn’t want to do that, but that I […]

Minion Louis

Minion Costume for Dogs (adorable!)


King Louis is channeling his inner minion; sporting overalls and custom-made goggles he delighted trick-or-treaters all night long. Minion Louis costume submitted by Maile U.

Madonna – Like a Virgin

Madonna Like a Virgin Costume for Dogs


Hi! I’m Khaleesi and I’m a 2 year old french bulldog. I was feeling an 80’s vibe this Halloween so who better to honor than the queen of 80’s pop, Madonna?! Since I have a tiny head and paws, my mom bought me a baby headband and baby gloves to wear as leg warmers. I […]

Lola as a Coney Island Fortune Teller

DIY Coney Island Fortune Teller Costume for Dogs


Lola our rescued bulldog is dressed as a Coney Island Fortune Teller. We bought her dress and hat and handmade the fortune teller’s box and crystal ball. My husband and I met at a state fair a few years ago near a Coney Island fortune telling machine. He had a fortune printed out and it […]

Biscuit the Beanie Baby

DIY Biscuit the Beanie Baby Dog Costume


This is Biscuit! He’s a 9 month old mini poodle. Everyone always tells us that he looks like a little stuffed animal, so what better to be than a beanie baby?! He’s wearing his tuxedo harness and a ty tag that I made. On the back I wrote his name, date of birth, and a […]


Adorable Star Wars AT-AT Dog Costume


This is our rescued pit bull Daddy in his AT-AT (All Terrain Armored Transport) costume! I picked the AT-AT costume because our family loves Star Wars and I love the AT-AT’s in the movies and I have always referred to them as “big doggies”. So when I came across the costume I had to get […]

Sushi Roll

Sushi Roll Dog Costume


This is archer the frenchie. He is full of rolls so we figured let’s dress him up as a sushi roll! He does love salmon so how fitting! This little man loves to snuggle and smell doggie bums. Sushi Roll costume submitted by Valerie C.

Step Brothers

DIY Step Brothers Dog Costume


These two are adopted brothers so it seemed like a good idea, especially since Step Brothers is one of my favorite movies. Step Brothers costume submitted by Kristin R.

The dynamic duo!

Batman and Robin Costumes for Dogs and Owners


Moose the French Bulldog is wearing a Batman costume from Pet Threads. I added a beautiful chainmaille Batman bowtie made by Sheilah Burrows at Wirework Designs. The doggie drool is a late minute addition by Moose himself! My Robin costume is homemade. I used a red tshirt with yellow electrical tape for Robin’s top and […]

Freddy Krueger

DIY Freddy Krueger Costume for Dogs


Took my dog to a costume pet parade, he loved it! This was an actually an old costume of mine and I got him into And it worked perfectly.. perks of having a big dog! Freddy Krueger costume submitted by Patricia.

DIY Ewok Dog Costumes

12 Beyond Adorable Ewok Dog Costumes (ermahgerd!)


Star Wars and dog lovers come together this Halloween with these adorable Ewok dog costumes! These light and comfy Ewok costumes will make your furry little friends the most adorable pets at any event this Halloween and will show off how big of a Star Wars fan you really are. When you suit your dog […]

Mickey Mouse Dog Clothes Costume

14 Cute Mickey Mouse Dog Costumes (Love these!)


Let your pooch look stylish while they represent their favorite Disney character this Halloween with one of these outstanding Mickey Mouse costumes! Your dog will be the centre of attention when you dress them up in one of these iconic costumes. For those who want to take Disney into their own hands this year there […]

Goldilocks and the Three Bears/ Teddy Bear Dog Costume

9 Absolutely Adorable Teddy Bear Dog Costumes


You know Man’s best friend is not just the family pet… she is part of the family. She guards you, plays with you comforts you, and gets her own stocking at Christmas. And, yes, she even goes trick-or-treating with you. So let her have her own special costume this Halloween! The neighbors will think it’s […]

DIY Cowboy Dog Costume

DIY Cowboy Dog Costume (so cute!)


This is my beloved Pablo, or Pablito (“little” Pablo). I found the cute little hat at the store and paired it with a red handkerchief and a sheriff badge that I made from tin foil. What I think makes the photo so special is the way he’s squinting, just like Clint Eastwood.

pineapple bulldog costume

Adorable Pineapple Bulldog Costume (Tropical Cuteness)


Goblin, the Bulldog is modeling her new handmade pineapple costume. I have always had a thing for pineapples and it blew up with the now cancelled television show, Psych. The show had a spot the hidden pineapple gag that ran throughout the show’s eight seasons. We still have watch parties and marathons and the dogs […]

Weiner Dogs Hot Dog Costume

Weiner Dogs Hot Dog Costume


How appropriate are these costumes? Hot dog costumes are very fitting for wiener dogs, and these ones look as good as they get. They even have condiments and toppings on them which makes any hot dog lovers’ mouths water.

Super Simple Hipster Dog Costume

Super Simple Hipster Dog Costume


It’s the era of the hipster and that’s exactly what this costume represents. Socks and glasses go a long way to make this pooch look like little hipster. Don’t be surprised if you see the little four-legged friend hanging out in your local coffee shop this Halloween!