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William Wallace

DIY Braveheart William Wallace Dog Costume


This is Archibald. He’s a west Highland Terrier and this year he was to lead the Westies Dog walk at the Highland Gathering. Most of the Westies wear kilts in this walk but his owner felt that he wasn’t prim and proper enough to wear the average kilt and wanted something more rough and rugged. […]

Under dog

DIY Underdog Dog Costume


This is my dog Dakota. She is a rescue dog and is a sweet dog to my son with autism. She is our super hero to us. This was a regular blue tshirt that i added the U to and then made her a little cape of her own with the U on it. Under […]

Greyson (Grey Bear)

Cute DIY Teddy Bear Dog Costume


This is Greyson. Greyson is a dog-turned-teddy-bear! Greyson was adopted from the RSPCA back in November 2014. He wasn’t treated very well in the past as he came from a not so loving family. :( In November, Greyson found his ‘forever home’! He celebrated his first Halloween last year dressed as a teddy bear ? […]

Quail man and Quail dog

Quail Man and Quail Dog Costumes for Dogs and Owners


My fiance, Connor, and my pitbull, Molly, are wearing the costumes. Connor found most of the pieces at thrift stores and I sewed anything that needed it. They are, of course, Quail man and Quail dog from the 90s Nick show Doug!! Connor wore his costume to comic con last year and was the only […]

Spongebob & Patrick

Cute Spongebob and Patrick Dog Costumes


Our dogs, Taco & Brewski, are good sports as Spongebob & Patrick. Homemade costumes with some fabric material, hot glue and quick stitching. The customers slip over their heads and front legs, while leaving their behinds able to…be dogs. The two Brussels Griffon dogs proudly wear the costumes during Halloween and greet all the neighbors. […]

The Hotdog

Cute Hot Dog Costume for Small Dogs


This is my Tobias and every year we sit down and figure out what he should be for Halloween. I took him to petco and as we walk around I see this beauty hanging up. Now one thing you should know about Toby is he loves to eat. He eats everything. And I do quite […]

Dog School Bus

Incredible DIY Dog School Bus Costume


My St. Bernard, AJ, is a therapy dog that does regular visits to a elementary schools and nursing homes. Every year he leads the Halloween parade at the local elementary school. I usually have to make his costume since he’s so big we can never find costumes to fit. My son suggested a school bus […]

3/5ths of the gang

Scooby Doo Dog and Owner Costumes


Incorporating our dog into our costume is a big deal for us so we decided to do Scooby Doo, Fred, & Daphne last year! I made our dogs colar from felt and our outfits are from the thrift store! (: Scooby Doo Dog and Owner costumes submitted by Payge B.

Dunkin’ Donuts Munchkins

Easy DIY Dunkin Donuts Dog Costume


My puppie, Reeses, is wearing the Dunkin Donuts costume. I bought a munchkin box and cut out a face hole, the bottom, and a back hole. I love Donuts and my dog can look like a chocolate Munchkin. Dunkin’ Donuts Munchkins costume submitted by Rachel L.

Victoria Secret Angel

DIY Victoria Secret Angel Costume for Dogs


This is Adele, my english bulldog. I made it myself with my sewing machine and materials. Inspired by Victorias Secret style (love pink) and their Models. Adele is beautiful in her own way. This just shows size doesnt matter, beautiful is beautiful, check out her sexy pose. Victoria Secret Angel costume submitted by Irela.

“Marilyn MUTTroe”

Adorable Marilyn MUTTroe Dog Costume


My English Bulldog, Pippa, is wearing a store-bought Marilyn Monroe costume that I modified by using tangerines where the boobs should be. Marilyn MUTTroe costume submitted by Marilyn D.

Happy HalloWEENIE

DIY Happy HalloWEENIE Hot Dog Stand Dog Costume


Teddy is a Yorkiepoo who I adopted from an animal shelter. He is the sweetest well mannered gentleman. I made his hot dog cart out of a cardboard box and a children’s tricycle. I sprayed the cardboard box with red spay paint. The HalloWEENIE sign and black wheels are also made from cardboard and spray […]

Zombie Treats

Homemade Zombie Treats Dog Costumes


I was insired by all the sweets given out during Halloween, and wondered what the undead might enjoy. I made everything except the Ghost Maid outfit that I am wearing. I am serving numerous Zombie Treats (but anyone can partake), which include Fresh Brains (provided by my two papillons; Cricket and Patches), some pickled eyeballs, […]

Why so serioussssss Ahhh

DIY Joker Dog Costume


This is my dog Kito dressed as the Joker. This was his costume for the Barkus Dog parade and for Halloween in 2014. Everyone loved it. I might put it on him again since Suicide Squad is out. Why so serioussssss Ahhh costume submitted by Thuy V.

Baby Lion

Cute Baby Lion Dog Costume


This is our sweet 18 week old English Bulldog puppy Winston. We chose a Lion costume for him (along with several others) because it just fit his personality. He is definitely the King in our house! Baby Lion costume submitted by Cecilia M.

Ready For Disneyland

DIY Ready for Disneyland Dog Costume


This is my pure breed French bulldog named Cashew. He’s 2 years old and is wearing a Winnie the Pooh costume from a street vendor in South Korea. He is also wearing a miniature mouse hat manufactured for humans but my family and I thought he’d look absolutely adorable in it. If we win this […]

Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein

Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein Dog Costumes


This is my 7 month old English bulldog Daisy as Frankenstein and her 8 year old Toy fox terrier sister Polly Ester as the Bride of Frankenstein. I ordered their costumes online at Baxterboo. They had wonderful costumes for pets! My girls love to dress up! Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein costume submitted by Janice […]

they glow in the dark dog

DIY Glow in the Dark Dog Skeleton Costume


The four legged person that is wearing the costume is my dog Duke, all i used was some glow in the dark spray paint. What inspired me to spray paint my dog is me spray painting items for my apartment and thought that it would be so cool if i could make Duke glow in […]

Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Dog and Owner Costumes


This is my son’s dog Buddy. I lost my son 91/2 years ago in an accident. Buddy had been my faithful companion since then. This summer Buddy was diagnosed with nasal cancer. I decided for us to quality versus quantity of life. I ordered his Mickey Mouse costume this summer so we would be able […]

Doggie Cowboy

Doggie Cowboy Costume


My dog Sophie is wearing the costume. It’s a store bought costume. I didn’t add any extras as I thought Sophie looked cute enough :) My daughter Sadey was the inspiration for this costume. For Halloween she went as a cowgirl, so we decided to dress the dog as a Cowboy. Doggie Cowboy costume submitted […]

Gum Ball Machine

Homemade Gum Ball Machine Costume for Dogs


Bowser the pug is dressed as the cutest gum ball machine ever! His costume was made from a red fleece doggy shirt, some felt, and lots (and lots and lots) of colorful pom poms. At first the costume had an immobilizing effect on him but eventually he came to love the attention and treats it […]

Wonder Woman Dog

Wonder Woman Dog Costume


My Service a Dog in training Sangria models her wonder woman costume. She is my hero, she says my life. She has long legs like Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman-Dog costume submitted by Hannah B.

May the Force Be with You

DIY May the Force Be with You Star Wars Dog and Owner Costume


Hi! I’m Alicia and my dogs and I were Star Wars. I made my costume with sheets, fabric glue, extensions and spray paint. Foxy (Yoda) got her costume at Petco and I painted her head with face pain. Bowser (Chewbacca) got his at Petco also. We had an absolute blast this year! May the Force […]

Beatrix the Boston terrier as a Vaporeon from Pokémon Go

Cute Vaporeon Pokémon Costume for Dogs


My favorite character from Pokémon Go is vapereon! Made this from upcycled pool noodle old shirts pipe cleaners and an old dog harness. Neck collar is an old girls dress and is suported by a plastic bottle cut into strips Vaporeon from Pokémon Go costume submitted by Jessica G.

Geisha Dog – Fine, but I’m not putting on the shoes…

Cute Geisha Dog Costume


Zoey loves to play dress up. My daughter found this costume on the clearance rack at TJ Maxx and was so excited to bring it home for her to try it on. Zoey always loves to put on the new outfit and pose for her pictures, but not this one. Her face tells the whole […]

Scuba Bros

DIY Scuba Bros Dog and Owner Costumes


This was our son and dog’s costume from last year – Scuba Divers! Our son was 1 at the time and we wanted them to have matching costumes, and somehow settled on this. I made everything myself, mostly from things we had around the house. The scuba tanks were empty soda bottles, with my son’s […]

Lilo & Stitch

DIY Lilo and Stitch Dog and Owner Costume


Our daughter wanted to incorporate her puppy into her costume, and this Lilo and Stich dog and owner costume is what we came up with! Did you know they sell hair dye specifically for dogs? Lilo & Stitch costume submitted by Nicole K.

Frenchie Fries ?

DIY Frenchie Fries Dog Costume


Eloise is a French Bulldog. In her spare time she works at a clothing boutique and she gives French kisses for $1 & donates the $ to SNORT short nose only rescue. Her brothers helped paint and her costume and cut the swimming pool noodles to make her costume. Eloise is everyone’s favorite and we […]

Police Officer

Cute Police Officer Dog Costume


Hamlet is a 9 month old black and tan french bulldog and this is his first Halloween, so we wanted to find the best costume for him. He usually has this serious look on his face, so we thought a police officer costume would be perfect for him. He cooperated for the photo shoot perfectly […]