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Jack & Sally

Homemade Jack Skellington and Sally Couples Costume


This is my husband and I in our wicked costumes from my work party last year! We are dressed as Jack & Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas. My husband is standing on drywall stilts, he custom made his pants, hand painted every line on his jacket, hand made Jack’s bow tie, and paper mached […]

True Underdog

DIY Dodgeball Couples Costume


Brandon & Holly as the perfect dodge-ball couple, because if you can dodge a ball, you can dodge a wrench. Our costume is a mixture of home-made items and store bought. Brandon’s Average Joe’s Costumer was purchased online along with my purple cobras t-shirt. Everything else you see is things we found/had lying around our […]

Toy Story Sergeant

DIY Toy Story Army Men Couples Costume


We are off of Toy Story! We created it by buying clothing from a local thrift store. Then, we put primer on the clothing followed by latex paint and a final coat of hunter green spray paint. We then made a bazzooka out of PVC pipes and spray painted a fake gun, helmet, walkie-talkie, etc. […]

Big Bad Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood

Big Bad Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood Couples Costume


After I huffed and puffed and blew down the 3 little piggies straw house, I howled through the forest. In the forest, I saw this cute little thing and chased her down, until she was mine. Hoooowwwl! Big Bad Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood costume submitted by Curtis F.


Homemade Human Anatomy Couples Costumes


In our costumes for this year, my girlfriend and I recreated the human body anatomy. The materials we used in order to make it were: fabric paint, face paint, an airbrush and tight clothes. First, we sketched the muscles to have a reference, for this we used different images from encyclopedias. Then, it was time […]

Good and Evil

Good and Evil Couples Costume


Me and my boyfriend this was our “couples costume” this year! First ever couples costume for me! He always calls me his angel, and we are quite opposites so this seemed like the perfect first couples costume for us! Good and Evil costume submitted by Erika M.

Little Shop of Horrors

Homemade Little Shop of Horrors Couples Costume


The inspiration for this Audrey II (myself) and Seymour (my husband Dustin) rendition of Little Shop of Horrors was due to a 1980’s themed Halloween party we were attending October 29th, 2016. Seymour was relatively easy to produce as my husband already owned the appropriate attire. My Audrey II costume was created using fake leaves […]

Joe Dirt & Brandy

DIY Joe Dirt and Brandy Couples Costume


Hey y’all. My name is Brittany but you can call me Brandy. This handsome fella is Joseph but he goes by Joe Dirt. Joseph has always tried talking me into letting him grow out a mullet but I just couldn’t handle it. LOL. So he suggested Joe Dirt & Brandy. Greatest idea ever but the […]

Joyce Byers and Wall

DIY Stranger Things Joyce Byers and Wall Couples Costume


After watching Stranger Things, my boyfriend and I were moved by Joyce Byers and her unwavering determination to find her son, Will, so our couples costume is a tribute to her and the wall that kept her hopes alive (all for under $15!) I am Joyce (right), dressed in her mom-chic olive green button-up shirt […]

Mad Hatter & White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland

DIY Mad Hatter and White Rabbit Alice in Wonderland Couples Costume


I am the Mad Hatter, my boyfriend is the White Rabbit – both from Alice in Wonderland. I made the costumes. The hats are made from cardboard & covered in stretch crushed velvet (there is polfil stuffing inside to make them more comfortable and keep them from falling too far onto our heads/faces). His fuzzy […]

Chucky and Bride of Chucky

DIY Chucky and The Bride of Chucky Couples Costumes


My husband and I grow up watching Chucky horror films. We decided to play Chucky and The Bride of Chucky. Chucky was a real scary film as a kid and it even made me scared of dolls. It was an absolute blast and brought back great childhood memories. Chucky and Bride of Chucky costume submitted […]

Danny and Sandy

DIY Danny and Sandy Grease Couples Costumes


Jake and I are recently engaged. We wanted to recreate a hot iconic couple this Halloween. Jake is constantly obsessing about his hair, so I thought that Danny Zuko would be perfect for him! I am naturally blonde and thought Sandy would be a good fit as well! We re-watched Grease together and then set […]

Lieutenant Dan & Forest Gump

DIY Lieutenant Dan and Forest Gump Couples Costume


I went to Goodwill and lucked out with a pair of camo pants and a Hawaiian shirt. I threw it on over a white tank. I borrowed my dad’s old Army dog tags and tied a red bandana around my frizzed up hair. I wrapped my knees in bandages and sat on my calves in […]

Goku & Majin Buu

DIY Goku and Majin Buu Couples Costumes


This DIY Goku and Majin Buu costume is inspired by the anime show Dragon Ball Z. My boyfriend and I just re-watched the entire series so we felt that this year we would pay homage to our favorite characters. My boyfriend is dressed up as Goku and I am dressed as Majin Buu. The Goku […]

Red Hood & Starfire

DIY Red Hood and Starfire Couples Costume


This costume was inspired by the Batman DC comics. We love the comics and just finished the series that Red Hood & Starfire are superheroes in. Pictured with us is another character from the series, however we just took a picture with him. I am an alien named Starfire, on the far right in the […]

The Grinch

DIY Grinch and Cindy Lou Couples Costumes


I am wearing the Grinch costume and my wife is Cindy Lou Who. I made this costume from head to toe. I first started with a lifecast of my face and then sculpted the Grinch face out of clay. Once I had that where I wanted it I made a negative mold with Ultracal30. Once […]


Easy DIY Ghost Couples Halloween Costumes


My girlfriend and I had to make a last minute costume for my sister’s wedding rehearsal and decided to go as ghosts! Classic bed sheets and screaming oooooooohhhhh all night! GHOSTS costume submitted by Paige V.

Raven from Teen Titans

DIY Raven and Beast Boy Couples Costumes from Teen Titans


This is my boyfriend and I as Raven and Beast Boy from the original Teen Titans cartoon. The black is a spandex material while the purple is a knit. The blue is a silky fabric and the belt is made out of grommets and hot glue filled in the center. I was Raven as a […]

Beauty & the Beast

Incredible DIY Beauty and the Best Couples Costumes


These are the Beauty and the Beast couples costumes I made for my husband (then-boyfriend) and myself for Halloween 2013! We’ve since worn them to several conventions and into Salem, MA as well and had an overwhelmingly positive response every time including lots of little kids wanting to take pictures with us. Most were scared […]

Cosmo and Wanda

DIY Cosmo and Wanda Costumes from The Fairly OddParents


My boyfriend Tommy and I are the two wearing these cosmo and wanda costumes. He is Cosmo and I am Wanda from The Fairly OddParents. He already had the white shirt and black pants, and I bought the yellow shirt from Jo-Ann’s and the black leggings from Walmart. I made his tie out of felt […]

The Mask and Tina Carlyle

The Mask and Tina Carlyle Couples Costume


As 90’s babies we couldn’t pass up the chance to become Jim Carrey and Cameron Diaz! My dress was made by my talented sister from a goodwill find and after tons of searching we finally found a yellow 90’s zoot suit! We went with face paint over a mask for his coustume because the facial […]

Voldemort and Bellatrix

DIY Voldemort and Bellatrix Couples Costumes


These are the Voldemort and Bellatrix couples costumes I made for my husband (then boyfriend) and myself for our first Halloween together in 2012 when we wore them into Salem. I made my Bellatrix costume awhile before we’d met to use at anime conventions and added to it over time to make it more complete. […]

Jenny and Forrest

Jenny and Forrest Costumes from Forrest Gump


Purchased online. We always try to Mix it up. So we opted for jenny and Forrest from Forrest Gump. Because even though I’m not cold hearted like jenny, we love each other as much as Forrest loved Jenny. Jenny and Forrest costume submitted by Jackie R.

Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss Couples Costume


This is my fiancee and I wearing Dr. Seuss costumes inspired by our first year living on our own. What better way to express becoming an adult then bringing out your inner child! This day we actually went to the State Fair. Dr. Seuss costume submitted by Jasmine M.

Mary Poppins & Bert

DIY Mary Poppins and Bert Couples Costumes


Pretty much had all the clothing for the outfits. I am wearing Mary Poppins And my fiancé is wearing Bert. We used clothes we already owned, – chimney sweep by father owned. I bought a black hat and added daisies. Lastly I bought a black umbrella and used felt and made the parrot head that […]