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Queen of Hearts (Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland)

Homemade Queen of Hearts (Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland) Costume


This was the costume I wear for Halloween last year. I wear this during work because our office has costume contest every year. I actually have not had a chance to watch Alice in Wonderland from Tim Burton, but was intrigued to recreate the Queen of Heart character. She is short and petite just like […]

Unicorn princess Costume

DIY Unicorn Princess Costume for Women


A little more Unicorn princess costume?. My crown was made using worbla scraps, and isomorph plastic. I also re-dyed the wig -from Amazon- to give it more of a sunset tone. My dress was heavily altered from a thrift store dress. The dress started as a little girl communion dress, that I edited the neckline […]

Chicken Strip

Clever DIY Chicken Strip Pun Costume


I came up with this costume because I’m a broke college kid who moonlights as a bartender. I wanted something cheap and funny, but being that I work at a bar, it had to have some sex appeal. Behold, the “chicken strip” was born! I got a a lot of tips, and a lot of […]

Battle Sally (Nightmare Before Christmas)

DIY Battle Sally (Nightmare Before Christmas) Costume


This costume I made completely made by hand using a thermoplastic Allen Worbla. I was inspired by Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas and tried to incorporate as much of the movie into the costume as possible. Battle Sally (Nightmare Before Christmas) costume submitted by Lily A.

Dot Matrix from Spaceballs

DIY Dot Matrix from Spaceballs Costume


I started with a gold bodysuit, then went to second hand charity clothing shops and found a skirt and gold table runner which I sewed and sprayed parts. I was then lucky enough to find the gold shoes, metallic belt from a Roman costume, and used gold material to make neck coverings, and hinge points […]

Agent Carter

Homemade Agent Carter Costume


I am a huge Marvel fan and loved Agent Carter. While watching the show, I was very inspired by her 1940’s wardrobe. I have only been sewing clothes for about six or seven months, but I couldn’t let my first Halloween as a seamstress go by without an attempt to replicate an outfit from a […]

The red queen

Homemade Red Queen Costume from Alice In Wonderland


My costume inspiration of the Red Queen is from the movie Alice in Wonderland. It took me about 8 months to put together and the day of was about 5 hours of makeup I did on myself. The dress was purchased and I added some detail on the sleeves and on the chest. The wig […]

Native American Queen

DIY Native American Queen Costume


I’m wearing the costume in these pictures. The dress is store bought, while the headdress is handmade. I used feathers, felt, thread, dowel sticks and plenty of hot glue to make the headpiece. I was inspired by Jillian Undercover’s native headdress tutorial. The headpiece took me about a week to make, seeing as how I […]

When Hell Freezes Over

DIY When Hell Freezes Over Costume


I saw a picture of a headpiece with horns online that was all white and really cool. I wanted to make one for myself. With it being all white the saying “When Hell Freezes Over” came to mind. When I googled it as a costume, nothing came up. Nothing to go off of. So I […]

NKOTB Hangin Tough

DIY New Kids on the Block Hangin Tough Costume


Throwback to 1989 when New Kids on the Block took over teen hearts everywhere! We’re still Hangin Tough with our love of 5 bad brothers from the Bean-town land. New Kids on the Block costume submitted by Renee S.


Belle Beauty and the Beast Costume for Women


I am a huge fan of Disney, and although I have a few favorite princesses, Belle has always stood out to me the most due to the strong correlation between her personality and that of my own. I’ve always loved the fact that there was a female character fitting the eccentric bookworm role. I purchased […]

Gumball Machine

DIY Gumball Machine Costume for Pregnant Women


Im wearing the costume myself . I am currently 5 1/2 months pregnant and got the idea off Pinterest. I took a white shirt and glued on pom pom balls for gum balls. Then I took a piece of felt n drew handle with marker and wrote 25 cent n glued it on skirt. And […]

Ariel & Ursula

Ariel and Ursula Costumes for Friends


My best friend Jessica and I decided to dress up as Ursula & Ariel. We took weeks to make them, all hand made. I hope you enjoy it. Ariel & Ursula costume submitted by Megan L.

Gato Muertos

DIY Gato Muertos (Day of the Dead) Costume for Women


This Halloween I was torn between going as two of my favorite things: day of the dead skeleton or a cat (because I’m a crazy cat lady!!!) After much debate I came up with the purrfect solution: a day of the dead cat! Next became the challenging part of finding attire for my crazy and […]

Giselle, Enchanted

DIY Giselle Enchanted Costume


My mom has been making my costumes for years and I always help a little but with this costume, I was with her every step of the way. I went shopping for materials (long day!), I learned how to cut and that pinning never seems to end, I learned that zippers can be tricky, and […]

The galaxy

DIY Galaxy Costume for Women


I made my costume, I shortened and dyed my dress. Then I spent the better part of a week hand painting it. I included fun details like my horoscope’s constellation, a black hole, an asteroid belt and planets. I think the costume turned out stellar, though the concept might be a bit nebula(r). Puns. The […]

Little Red Riding Hood ( Wolf Hunter )

Little Red Riding Hood Wolf Hunter Costume


I have always loved LRRH so i decided to put a twist on her this year where she decided to hunt down the wolf who ate her grandma. I bought the Little Red Riding Hood costume from ebay but made the wolves tail out of a pillow case and decorated my basket that i founf […]

Space girl

DIY Space Girl Costume


Made this costume mostly with things I just had around the house And it’s one of my favorites now! Really hope you all like it too! The makeup is super simple it’s just a mix of blush and eyeshadows that I used with a wet brush. Wetting the brush made them behave more like watercolor […]

La Muerte

La Muerte Costume from The Book of Life


This costume is based off of La Muerte from the book of life. It’s one of my favorite movies so I tried to recreate her as well as I could but I am missing some details. I used a Klondike style dress I found at a local costume store called Karries Kostumes and some aquacolour […]

Lady Loki

DIY Lady Loki Costume


Unfortunately I didn’t get a lot of pictures of my costume, but I loved this one. Put it together all myself, even made the horns myself! All of it I just had around the house but needed to be combined together just right. There were so many layers though it was impossible to go to […]

Pin Up Robin

DIY Pin-Up Robin Costume (WOW!)


This is my original concept Pin-Up Robin costume that I made to wear to New York ComiCon 2012. My inspiration for this costume was to pay tribute to Robin’s creator: Jerry Robinson, the famous cartoonist who worked on the original Batman comics; and also my Great Uncle who passed away a few months before. He […]