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Star Wars At st costume by Jonathan Haycox

Incredible Homemade Star Wars AT-AT Costume


Hi, my name is Jonathan. I’m 15 years old I am homeschooled. I have always done some pretty killer dyi costumes in the past, but this years costume is my new favorite. I love the star wars movies and i also play the game star wars battlefront on the playstation. That inspired me to make […]


Homemade Cousin IT Halloween Costume from Addam’s Family


This costume is a HOMEMADE costume of Cousin It from the Adam’s Family TV Show that many of us had come to love. I wanted to make a Cousin It costume and for this costume you will need a hat and lots of yarn and lots of hot glue. I started by cutting yarn pieces […]


Homemade Pokemon Charmander Costume


My 10 year old Jakob is a big pokemon fan and he really wanted a charmander costume. I grabbed my onesie pattern and got creative. I self drafted the hood and tail. I added his face to the hood using my embroidery machine. luckily my local spotlight had all the right coloured fleece available 🙂 […]

Rainbow Dash

Homemade Rainbow Dash Costume


This is a handmade costume of Rainbow Dash. I got this inspiration from the Equestria girls My Little Pony movies. I made this costume because I relate to rainbow dash so much. I made and colored the symbols on the outfit. I made the skirt, but I bought the shirt and the shoes. I bought […]

Jack skellington

Homemade Jack Skellington Costume for Kids


My granddaughter piper, her mother made the Jack Skellington costume by painting a jacket with stripes and making the tutu. She also made the dog from a basket and material, you put the candy in his mouth and got it out from his booty!! Piper loves jack skellington from the movie nightmare before Christmas!! Jack […]

The Great American Road Trip

DIY Great American Road Trip Costume


My 7-year-old son and 5 year-old-daughter enjoy wearing coordinating Halloween costumes. This year, as our family was on own road trip, we started talking about the essence, spirit, and tradition of road trips and all the crazy places that people can visit when driving across the United States. That conversation is what gave rise to […]

Tractor Mac

Homemade Tractor Mac Costume


Wyatt my son is wearing a handmade Tractor Mac costume. I made it out of cardboard boxes and also hand drew the eyes, emblum and mouth. My son loves tractors and Tractor Mac is his favorite book series. Tractor Mac costume submitted by Natalie G.

Kidnapped Illusion Costume

DIY Kidnapped Optical Illusion Costume


My son and I have taken to DIY costumes over the past few years. I keep trying to push the envelope seeing as it won’t be long before he no longer wants my help. While browsing through creative ideas I came across a picture of a gorilla version of this costume. We used PVC pipe, […]

Kid Flash, My Style

DIY Retro Kid Flash Costume


I am wearing this costume in the pictures. I made it with my sewing machine, needleand thread, hot glue, fleece, a pair of thrifted shoes, and elastic. Ever since i started watching Young Justice I fell in love with the Kid Flash character, I just knew I had to make this costume for holoween this […]


Homemade Felt Dragon Kids Costumes


My 4 year old son, Ahziah Mallery, wanted to be a dragon for Halloween….well, this was his second pick over a minion. :p I’m not a seamstress, so this was a good learning experience for me. He picked out the 4 felt colors. I cut 4 layers of felt out and sewed them together. I […]

The I Phone

DIY iPhone Costume for Kids


Hello. This is my daughter Hannah Rose’s I Phone costume. Hannah is 10 years old and in the 4th grade. She is the most creative person I know and loves to create new things with arts and crafts. She loves to use my I phone and is really hinting that she wants her own! Thank […]

Pippi long stocking & Napoleon dynamite

DIY Pippi Long Stocking and Napoleon Dynamite Costumes


Napoleon we added iron on letters to a white tshirt and painted the sleeves black found a old pair of glasses took out the glass so he could see got a pair of snow boots and a Walkman just ordered a wig cut it to fit and hairs sprayed to stay .. With pippi we […]


DIY Whacky Inflatable Tube Man Costume for Kids


You know those tall, brightly colored guys dancing in front of car dealerships? Their big, cute smiles & their bodies flailing all around? Most people call them air dancers. My 3 year old son Leo absolutely loves them & calls them “Windman.” We took Leo to the store but none of the costumes there would […]

Queen Elizabeth the First

DIY Queen Elizabeth the First Costume for Kids


This is Sukari Suzuki Jordan. She is 3 years 4 months old and this year she is Queen Elizabeth the First. I started making her costume 2 months ago. It’s all hand sewn. The large collar around the back of her neck is made from a laundry hamper which I cut up, warped and covered […]

Muay Thai Boxer from Thailand

DIY Muay Thai Boxer from Thailand Costume for Kids


This is Sukari Suzuki Jordan. This costume is from 2015 when she was 2 years 4 months old. Thailand is our favorite country and we are big fans of Muay Thai boxing! Each year I make a costume based on a different country to celebrate a strong figure. I also rotate male and female costumes […]

Frida Kahlo

DIY Frida Kahlo Costume for Kids


This is Sukari Suzuki Jordan. This costume is from 2014 when she was 1 year 4 months old. The poncho and floral headband are handmade. She is photographed with her favorite teddy bear who I made into a matching Frida with the same poncho and unibrow as Sukari. The bears headband is hand crocheted. Each […]


DIY Ghostbusters Costumes for Twins


My twins love everything Ghostbusters, so, their costume choice was a no brainer! I used a white sweatsuit dyed with fabric dye and the “proton packs” are made from boxes with odds and ends attached (think hair curlers, tupperware, a frisbee, a headband, various bottle caps and lids, a phone charger, glow sticks and an […]

Glow in the dark stick man

DIY Glow in the Dark Stick Man Costume


My 7 year old son mason wanted to be something that glowed in the dark and that was different. We sat down and racked our brains together and this is what we came up with. It is made of glow sticks sewn on with elastic bands and black long sleeves shirts with pants and shoes. […]

Paletero Man

DIY Paletero Man Costume (Mexican Ice Cream Man)


We decided to dress my daughter us as a paletero man (mexican ice cream man). We had seen a version of it somewhere and thought it would be hilarious and creative. Her outfit was simple and her moustache was drawn with liquid eyeliner. The cart was a melissa & doug metal shopping cart which I […]

Davy Jones

DIY Davy Jones Costume from Pirates of the Caribbean


I made this Davy Jones costume for my 5 year old Asher. He loves everything pirates and has been wanting to be Davy Jones for a couple years now. I always put it off because an “Octopus Pirate” thats why. Even in the POTC movie they used CG..I was sure this was impossible. So this […]

Bride and Groom

DIY Bride and Groom Costume for Kids


Ragean and Jase have always been best friends and dress in couple costumes every year. So this year we decided to “arrange their marriage” Ragean’s dress was ordered from Amazon and so was Jase’s suit. We already had the red wagon and we used a table cloth to cover the wagon. Then added the finishing […]

The Joker

DIY Joker Costume with Twin Brothers as Batman and Robin


My 7 year old boy, Bradyn, is dressed as the Joker from Batman. He has never really been in to going all out with his costumes so it took a lot of convincing. Especially with having to do makeup. The plan was, his twin brothers being batman and robin, so we knew we wanted Bradyn […]

Kid in trash

DIY Kid In Trash Can Optical Illusion Costume


Every year my son wants to come up with the most original costume. So, we got online to look for inspiration. He really liked the illusion costumes, especially the man carrying a person in a box. Of course we didn’t want to just copy that so we made it our own! We got a trash […]

Thrifty Fox

Quick and Easy Thrifty Fox Costume


My daughter is wearing this costume. WE bought all the parts at a thrift store or yard sales. The mask, sweater and pants were 99 cents each. The tail and chest piece were made out of bathroom rugs. Whole costume for $5. Thrifty Fox costume submitted by Tami.

Deercreek Lobster Boil

DIY Lobster Boil Costume for Kids (And Parents!)


We have been making costumes for about 15 years now for a local competition at our favorite campgrounds. This year we went with a Lobster! This is a homemade costume; we started with a wagon, and made a stove; we used real stove eyelets, and then added candles underneath for the fire. We painted a […]


DIY Astronaut Costume for Kids


Homemade astronaut costume for my 9 yr old. He had a book report due that had to dress the character in the book . His was on Ron McNair famous astronaut who died on the challenger. Also as a young boy he was one of the first African Americans to check out a library book […]

chip & mrs. potts

DIY Chip and Mrs. Potts Costumes from Beauty and the Beast


This is my one year old and 2 year old daughters my one year old was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate the wind choosing her Halloween costume I came across the picture of Chip with the quote Perfectly Imperfect and it really hit home because before her lip repair we cannot go […]

Rubiks cube

Incredible DIY Rubik’s Cube Costume


Hi my name is Linda & the one wearing the Rubik’s Cube costume is my son Andrew. His diy costume was made with Foam bored, construction paper, gorilla tape, screws & velcro. What inspired me to make this Rubiks Cube costume? My son Andrew is in love with Rubik’s cubes, by the way he is […]

DIY LEGO Costumes

DIY LEGO Costumes for Kids (Really Easy to Make!)


These r mommy’ three little Legos. This year instead of buying costumes and looking like every other Spider-Man, ninja turtle, fire man or puppy dog we decided to put our hands to work and make costumes for the boys. I got the idea from a picture I’d seen on Facebook and thought “YES”!!! The boys […]