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Jean Grey/Phoenix

Homemade Jean Grey Phoenix Costume for Girls


This is my beautiful redheaded daughter in the Jean Grey/Phoenix from the X-men comics costume I made for her. I made it from scratch with green spandex and yellow stretch cotton. I did not use a pattern, I just measured her and made it to fit. I even hand drew and hand appliqued on the […]

My little pony

My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Costume


This is a store bought costume my daughter Tori is wearing it. Thia child is in love with my little pony she spends her free time drawing every pony doing different things. She is very good at it. She wears the costume around the house. My little pony costume submitted by Terri B.

Pretty Pink Unicorn

Cute Homemade Pink Unicorn Costume for Girls


This year my daughter wanted to be a unicorn and since I make her costumes every year I knew this would be a fun one! I started by making her some gold leggings out of this awesome fabric I bought at the craft store. I paired it with a shirt and furry vest that she […]

Unicorn Girl

Homemade Unicorn Girl Costume


I wanted to be me and a unicorn in one so I could be a unicorn girl. I found all the pieces myself around the house and at the dollarstore and I asked my mom to add colors on my face. It was my best halloween and all my friends loved my costume and they […]

Princess Celestia – My Little Pony

Homemade Princess Celestia My Little Pony Costume


An Alicorn (a Unicorn and Pegasus), the ruler of Equestria, and full of magic and beauty, I introduce Princess Celestia! This My Little Unicorn costume was mostly a DIY costume, with the exception of the dress, which was originally a flower girl dress, and the furry vest. Most of the accessories (sunshine, crown, cuffs, necklace) […]

Dorthy from the Oz

DIY Dorthy from the Wizard of Oz Costume


This is my 11 year old daughter and she is Dorthy from the Wizard of Oz with her dog Toto. She is wearing a handmade blue and white gingham dress with white petticoat underneath. We added the all famous red sequin shoes that made Dorthy famous and blue ribbons in her beautiful braids. And of […]

La muerte

Homemade La Muerte Costume from The Book of Life


Hello my name is yessica and here are some pictures of the costume I made for my 9 year old Alexa inspired in la muerte from the movie book of life this costume took me about 20 days to make I put the hat together myself with a big pice of cardboard spray paint flowers […]


DIY Little Bo Peep and Sheep Costume


This is Charlotte and her pony Whoopie. Charlotte is 3 years old and an avid horse rider. She wanted a Halloween costume that included her pony. She and Whoopie are dressed as Little Bo Peep and her sheep! Little Bo Peep and Sheep costume submitted by Tiffany D.

Crochet Pokemon Fennekin

Crochet Pokemon Fennekin Pokemon Costume


My daughter Emily wanted to be Fennekin for Halloween, of course you don’t see much stuff for Fennekin. I had to crochet it without a pattern. The bodice is a simple double crochet – I added a fiery tail with various types of yarn. I also crochet a simple double crochet beanie and added the […]


DIY Pokemon Meowth Costume for Girls


Since we play PokemonGo I suggested we be Pokemon for Halloween. Instead of wanting to vw the more common Pokemon, she chose Meowth and we to be Jesse and James so we can catch Pikachi, her little sister. I bought a xxl tank for material and used her nightgown as a guide to sew a […]

Fortune Teller

DIY Fortune Teller Costume for Girls


This is my daughter Anya she is 11 years old. This costume was her idea. We went to our local good will and bought a long colorful dress, a black flowing blouse, and a colorful scarf. Then we got a piece of foam board and a glittery Christmas bulb from dollar tree. The rest of […]

80s workout girl costume

DIY 80’s Workout Video Girl Costume (So Adorable!)


My 3 year old daughter Miley is an 80’s workout video girl. I got the idea from an outfit she wore to a 5k race this last summer. 2 of my friends said she looked like a workout girl. I used a 1 piece swimsuit with white leggings. I cut a sweatshirt that we had […]


DIY Sally Costume from A Nightmare Before Christmas


Costume inspired in Sally from the movie “A nightmare before christmas” I made this sally costume for my daughter Kamila. Sally its her favorite character. I used tulle, felt, elastic and ribbon for the tutu dress and yarn for the wig. Sally costume submitted by Maricela.

Raggedy Anne Costume

Raggedy Ann Dolly Costume for Girls


Here is my daughter as Raggedy Dolly. As soon as she saw this raggedy ann costume in the store, she HAD TO have it! Brings back great memories for me when I was a child. Raggedy Ann was such a big thing and here is a wonderful reminder childhood memories. Raggedy Dolly costume submitted by […]