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Little Hobo

Homemade Little Hobo Costume for Kids


My son, Victor is wearing the costume. We made it using things we already had around our home. We choose this costume because we wanted to make our own, and we already had everything we needed. He had awesome accessories. He had a handmade cardboard sign that read, “Will work for candy.” He also had […]

Cell phone tower

Homemade Cellphone Tower Costume


This is my son who was obsessed with cell phone towers at the time. He wanted to be a cell phone tower, we had to make one because we couldn’t just go to the store and buy one. We used a cardboard box, duct tape, paper towel rolls, markers, and a light from a head […]


DIY Jigsaw Costume for Kids from Saw


Our family loves halloween and why not create a complete family of psychos… my 5 year old as jigsaw complete with tricycle. He played the part well, riding by eyelock on people and asking if they wanted to play a game then ride backwards. Jigsaw costume submitted by Ursula O.

Mac Man!

Incredible Homemade Easy Mac and Cheese Costume for Kids


This little boy could live off of Mac and cheese and pizza if we let him! We found the idea online. We wanted something creative for our annual Halloween camping costume contest! He won! We got a laundry basket and elastic pieces from the dollar store. Blue duct tape, spray paint, and yellow sweatshirt from […]

AJ and Blaze

Homemade AJ and Blaze Monster Machines Costume


This is my son Camden. He loves Blaze and the monster machines, so what better Halloween costume!! Made from a wooden radio flyer wagon and lots of cardboard, paint and love! This costume has been a huge hit trick or treating! We couldn’t be more excited about how it turned out! HappyHalloween!!! AJ and Blaze […]


Homemade Paratrooper Kids Costume


We used helium filled balloons and taped them together, attached to scaffolding harness we had. My husband used power tools to carve the gun out of a chunk of plastic and painted it black. We had a problem though as it got really cold the night of trick or treating and the balloons wouldn’t stay […]


5 Dollar DIY Chucky Costume for Kids


I dressed my 4 year old son as chucky from the child’s play movie. I made the costume myself using fabric dye for the blood on the clothes and using makeup pencils for he makeup and red hair spray. Simple and only cost $5 to make Chucky costume submitted by Lisa.

Scuba Diver

DIY Scuba Diver Costume


I used some pop bottles and silver spray paint to make the tanks, some plastic wire cover and electrical tape. I make some adjustments to the swim fins so they would fit over his shoes. He looked so adorable slapping down the sidewalk but we eventually lost the fins. Scuba Diver costume submitted by Tamera […]

Zombie Harry Potter

DIY Zombie Harry Potter Costume


Jake my 7 yr old son wanted to be Harry Potter, so we decided to scare him up as a Zombie. We purchased the robe and added the striped tie and finished the scary look with a custom painted Zombie face. This turned out just as we hoped! Zombie Harry Potter costume submitted by Jessica […]

Lil’ Boba Fett

Homemade Boba Fett Costume for Kids


This Star Wars Boba Fett costume was almost 100% scratch-made by me for my 11yo son. The family are all huge Star Wars fans and Boba Fett was chosen because of the challenge and complexity of creating it accurately. It is based off of a pair of modified coveralls. Armor, codpiece, and belt pouches are […]

Slurpee Cup

DIY Slurpee Cup Costume


Hello. This is my son Gavin Rose. He is 11 years old and in the 6th grade. His favorite drink is Slurpee so this year he wanted to dress up like one. It too us about a month to make the costume as there were several stages but it was a lot of fun for […]

Toy Bonnie from Five Nights at Freddys

DIY Bonnie from Five Nights at Freddys Costume


My 8 year old son Aiden is wearing this costume. He loves the game Five Nights at Freddys and wanted to be Toy Bonnie for halloween. I made the costume by watching a few videos online and just figuring out the rest. The head is a plastic flower pot turned upside down with foam for […]

Transforming Optimus Prime

Homemade Transforming Optimus Prime Kids Costume


My 8’year old son wanted to be a transforming optimus prime so we researched trucks on the internet and got some boxes from Costco to start our fun mother son project together… once we had the basic shape we used paper mache to keep it sturdy and began to paint the truck. After many attempts […]


Cowboy Costumes for Brothers


A couple years back two of my sons Anden and Graysen dressed as Cowboy’s. I think they were the cutest little Cowboys I’ve ever seen! I bought the costumes at K-Mart. These two boys r very close in age! They r the same age for a day so it’s only natural that they r very […]