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Body Paint Deadpool Costume


It is me wearing a Deadpool costume entirely from bodypaint with the exception of the swords i bought from Marvel. Sheereen Weers did such an incredible job painting my body and face with mehron creams. Plus she did the burn marks on one side of the face, which she achieved with liquid latex and cotton […]

The Little Prince

Homemade Little Prince Costume


I am dressing as the little prince, from the book, The Little Prince. My family and I made this costume, we went to joans and got nice green fabric and a pattern that matched the little princes clothing the best, we then cut out the patterns, pinning them and what not and sewed them together. […]

Iron Girl

DIY Iron Girl Costume


This was my most ambitious project to date. The entire Iron Girl suit took me approximately eight months to construct. The armor is made of a combination of EVA foam, craft foam and a thermoplastic called Terraflex. The ArcReactor on the chestpiece is comprised of two neopixel rings that are connected to a microcontroller which […]

Nakita Firewalker

DIY Nakita Firewalker Costume


This diy halloween costume is inspired by shamanic characters from many cultures and fantasys. This costume was put together for community events such as family halloween events held within our community. There are other events she visits through the year but the halloween ones are the main events. Most of them raise money for the […]

Sumia from Fire Emblem Awakening

DIY Sumia from Fire Emblem Awakening Costume


I made this Sumia costume completely from scratch, she’s a character from Fire Emblem Awakening who is a Pegasus knight. I created the pattern based off on of my other dresses and added pleats to it, then hand sowing all the extra panels as well as the boot overs which were a bit too big […]