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Baby Rain Cloud

Homemade Baby Rain Cloud Costume


For a little guy who had only been walking for a few months, the soft rain cloud was a perfect solution! I cut out two sets of rain clouds from white felt and sewed them together (one for the front, and one for the back) – leaving an opening to stuff full with polyfil before […]

Kaden, baby T Rex

DIY Baby T-Rex Jurassic Park Costume


Kaden is 15 months old from Fort Campbell, KY. His costume is a baby t-Rex from Jurassic park! Jurassic Park Baby T-Rex costume submitted by Janelle D.

Baby ll cool j

DIY Baby LL Cool J Costume


Wanted to show off ll cool j circa 1985. Brought out the cardboard, the graffiti, the boom box and the graffiti. Even made the gold chain. Baby ll cool j costume submitted by Margaret G.

Cup O Noodles

Homemade Cup O Noodles Baby Costume


This baby Cup O Noodles costume was homemade. For the hat I bought yarn to replicate the noodles, small pom pom balls to replicate the veggies. I then hairsprayed everything to hold it all in place. The front of the onesie I purchased a customized iron-on print. Cup O Noodles costume submitted by Thu P.

Pharaoh of the Nile

DIY Pharaoh of the Nile Baby Costume


This is my 5 month old son Lincoln’s first Halloween. I got the idea for his costume more than a month ago when my husband asked me for a burp cloth. I tossed one to him and it landed on my son’s head so perfectly that it looked like an Egyptian headdress, and thus his […]

Maasai Warrior from Kenya

DIY Maasai Warrior from Kenya Baby Costume


This is Sukari Suzuki Jordan and in this photo she is a Maasai Warrior from Kenya. This was in 2013 when she was 4 months old. We had just moved back to California from Kenya where we lived for 6 years. I loved learning about the Maasai tribe so was very inspired to make her […]

Ameliyah cabbage patch baby

DIY Cabbage Patch Kids Baby Costume


My 7 month old daughter Ameliyah is wearing the costume. Her grandmother crocheted her hat. Her outfit says brand sparkling new. We used a cardboard box, spray painted it white and then yellow.. Used pink pipe cleaners and made flowers. Glued them on with buttons . We printed a cabbage patch logo and glued it […]

Hot pepper

Hot Pepper Costume for Babies


This hot pepper baby costume was bought from his grandma for his first Halloween! He was really playing the part for this picture. Hot pepper costume submitted by Mallorie.

Top Gun: Twin Edition

DIY Top Gun Twins Baby Costume (This is Incredible!)


Since we have twin boys we wanted a costume that paired them together. My husband and I both love the movie Top Gun and we saw some ideas for twin costumes as Maverick and Goose online. The twins are 7 months old and can’t walk so we wanted a way to incorporate their stroller. That […]

free puppies

DIY Free Puppies Costume for Babies


The puppy in the middle is my little girl. Her name is Teagan. She is 10 months old and obsessed with dogs and our 3 year old American bulldog named Saban! A lot of people said that I would have to get rid of him because he wouldn’t do good with a little baby. Well […]

Baby Peep Logan

DIY Peeps Baby Costume


Tj and Shelley’s peep costume for Baby Logan. Logan was about 8 months old for her 1st trick or treat. We decided to use a wagon, so we wouldn’t have to carry her around. We started with a red wagon, added a Longaberger basket, and some Easter Grass and plastic eggs. We bought the peep […]

Pope Francis and his Pope Mobile

DIY Pope Francis and Pope Mobile Costume


Our baby’s actual name is Francis so we figured he had to be Pope Francis for Halloween this year! He is 9 1/2 months old and a real little gentleman. Here is how we made his Pope costume: The hat is white felt w/ gold duct tape and cross stickers. His cloak is a cut […]

Mouse caught in trap

DIY Mouse Trap Costume for Babies and Toddlers


I saw a similar mouse trap costume and since she can’t walk yet thought it would be a good idea to incorporate her wagon. Her dad made up the mouse trap and I (her mom). Made stencils for the trap, the cheese and got a mouse costume together as I couldn’t find a baby/toddler mouse […]