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Rainbow Unicorn captain

DIY Rainbow Unicorn Costume


We made it flamboyant this year with this majectic rainbow unicorn! Rainbow Unicorn costume submitted by Karolane L.

Unicorn Costume

Incredible DIY Unicorn Costume


I make and wear costumes as a hobby. I put together a Unicorn costume to show off the costume horn my sister had won in a contest of a well-known online fantasy designer. It’s the only horn she’s made like it. The necklace i’m wearing is made by the same designer and I’m always wearing […]

Lost Dog

Funny DIY Lost Dog Costume


I (Nicole Lehtomaki) is in the costume. I was invited to a Halloween party and I had never before dressed in costume in my adult life and my friends really wanted me to go. So I agreed to dress up and go. Years earlier, I had seen the idea of this costume online. I decided […]

Bender from Futurama

DIY Bender from Futurama Costume


Have you ever thought of bringing a cartoon character to life? I always have, and Bender from Futurama was the one. On September 1st I knew what I had to do, so I began with Cardboard and started framing out the body, once I had that all laid out I began with the head. It […]

Tiki Man

Homemade Tiki Man Costume


We were able to have 4 people inside of the costume- my 2 sisters and brother. It was about 9 ft tall and 5 ft wide. We bought Eva foam blocks off of Amazon, and locked them into a circle 3 high. We then taped them at the seams. Second- we cut out the shapes […]

social butterfly

DIY Social Butterfly Costume


Family spending a lot of time on social media is the inspiration. Bought some wings and butterfly crown a little hot glue to add social media logos. social butterfly costume submitted by Dawn S.


DIY Ghost of Jerry Garcia Costume


For the longest time I have wanted to do a twist on the trditional bed sheet ghost costume and here it is…The Ghost of Jerry Garcia. I used white fabric and a tie dye kit for the main part. I bought a Santa wig and beard (and trimmed the beard). I added 2 skeletal hands […]

Fortune Teller

DIY Fortune Teller Costume for Adults


Homemade fortune teller box made out of a toilet paper cardboard box, used $1 lights from the dollar store, shiny cardboard from the egg cartons from the grocery store, I used fabric and glued it on a rod in the inside to look like curtains. I made a flashing sign that read Fortune Teller, I […]

The King of Clubs

DIY King of Clubs Costume


This costume that I’m wearing was inspired by a picture I found when I did a Google image search for the King of Clubs. I was thinking of ideas for a story I wanted to write in which the characters were associated with the cards in the traditional playing deck, so I looked up each […]

Peridot (from Steven Universe)

DIY Peridot (from Steven Universe) Costume


I’m the one wearing this costume – I made it by altering a dance leotard and green tights with fabric. The wig was made with a triangle base made from yoga mat foam, and four (4) wigs’ worth of hair (and LOTS of hairspray!). The makeup took three hours to complete, and was a two-person […]

Mad Hatter

Mad Hatter Costume for Adults


Happy Halloween! This year I decided to dress up as the Mad Hatter! I really love the movie Alice in Wonderland, and my favorite character is the Mad Hatter. I spent more than $200 on the whole costume. Most of the things I bought online, including the costume itself. I added a few extra things […]

Mr peanut

DIY Mr. Peanut Costume


I myself am wearing this Mr Peanut costume! Steve costumes was an inspiration in making this , we used camping mats headliner material and lots of scraps around the house to design ours! Lots of tears shed through making this Mr Peanut costume, but totally worth it. The diy costume is lightweight but very hot […]

Allen and Baby carlos

DIY Allen and Baby Carlos Costume from The Hangover 3


My nephew was born on October 30th 2015 and ever since his birth i have been planning to be Allen and Baby Carlos from The Hangover 3 for halloween! He just fits the bill looking exactly like Carlos! I only purchased the beard and hair for this costume. Everything else was DIY. I had similar […]

Damian (Mean Girls)

DIY Damian Mean Girls Costume


My DIY costume is Damian from Mean Girls because this is literally my personality everyday. Also this costume is super easy, because it’s just a pair of glasses, a blue hoodie and some iron on letters and your best yell “SHE DOESN’T EVEN GO HERE!” Damian Mean Girls costume submitted by Paige V.

Immortan Joe(anna)

DIY Immortan Joe Costume from Mad Max


This is my female version of Immortan Joe from Mad Max. The armor is heat-formed plastic, the skull and flames on the belt are made out of craft foam, and the mask is air-dry clay, false nails, and craft foam. Ride eternal, shiny and chrome! Immortan Joe(anna) costume submitted by Miranda R.


Easy DIY Lifesavers Costume (This is Genius!)


This is my daughter,Madison. She is wearing a lifesaver costume. We used intertubes and we had the lifesaver logo made at Staples, we used velcro to hold it all together. Super easy to make. Lifesavers costume submitted by Kimberly H.