Breathtaking Groot Adult Costume


I loved the movie “Guardians Of The Galaxy” When I watched it with my grandkids they all wanted me to try to make them a Groot costume. I pondered it for weeks. How would I get it to stay on? How could it go together, and stay together? The feet could be added separately, and be taller? A lot taller! I decided it would have to be an adult costume. I was still doubtful whether I could do it or not…so I figured I would start with the head and face. If I could get that to look good, the rest might fall into place, I thought. A week later I had done it! The face was so cute. I even used the thinnest foam I had ever seen, as skin over the face to hold the jaw on. It had to still allow mouth to open and close.

Groot Costume

The paint was probably the hardest. first I tried spray paint. that desolved all of the I had to start all over!. crushed I tried latex paint it worked but the foam got floppy wet took a week to dry! But after several layers and the right color finally achieved,….. I sent a pic of it to my son in law John Asking him “”Are you In?”” He jumped at the chance to wear it. Little did he know at the time he would have to start by wearing women’s footie pajamas. lol


I bought a pair of drywall stilts. Let him get familiar wearing them. Then had him put the pajamas on, …BACKWARDS! They needed to zip in the back. I had later added a very long cord (string) to the zipper so he could unzip by himself, so he could to the bathroom. I then took them in down each side, on sewing machine, so they were skin tight.

Groot Adult

I took foam that I had previously shaped and etched with exacto knife. spray glued it directly to him until it looked like the reference picture I had from the internet. When I say to “directly him” I mean it. The glue penetrated the fabric and stuck the whole thing to his body! lol After alot of hair removal, on his part ….. and laughter on my part my part, we decided next time to put plastic wrap on him first.It took many days and many hours to get it where I felt it was right. The final step was to put runners off of the head to blend into the body, front and back. and from the legs into the feet.which were actually made onto the stilts. He sacrificed a pair of shoes, that were stationary inside stilts. I would like to say, the paint started to breakdown the foam pretty quick. So although I think it looks great…it probably wont last too long.

When he wore this costume, Children would scream “Groot Groot!!! Moma it’s Groot!” But we were shocked, when the adults at the casino on Halloween night, began to chant “Groot! Groot! Groot!” lol it was great! Several people said “”Where did you buy that?”” Of course he told them it was home made. Though there are still those that have a hard time believing it was home made …including myself sometimes. I didn’t know I could do this stuff, until a couple years ago, when my 36 yr old daughter wanted me to try, to make a her a Optimus Prime Transformer costume, That would actually transform?…….

But that’s another story!”

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