Bjorn Thoresen Homemade Chain Mail Armor


This costume is a must have for all knights out there on Halloween! The amount of work and dedication that went into creating this one is astonishing and the results really show. This costume will prepare anyone who dons it for their next medieval battle!

Homemade Chain Mail Armor

A message from Tammy, the submitter of the ‘Homemade Chain Mail Armor’ costume:

I made this shirt of Chain Mail using galvanized steel and bronze rings. It was made using 18,000 (+/-) rings, weighs 36 lbs, took me 40 days and 153 hours to finish it. My husband is big into Viking history and has always wanted a Hauberk, so I made him one :) The Hauberk protected warriors, from the 12th to the 14th Century (and beyond) from being sliced/cut by a sword or knife (short history).

My husband is wearing it in the picture, we were vending at a comic con in Aug. The sword he is holding, he made out of wood and painted it. The hat/horn, we’re bought. :)

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