Cute Bittersweet Lulu League of Legends Costume


This is my Bittersweet Lulu costume from League of Legends! She has always been one of my favorite champs from the game and I was so excited to finally make her.

Bittersweet Lulu League of Legends Costume

The dark purple part of the dress is a crepe fabric while the lighter purple fabric on the sleeves, collar, and binding around the three-tier skirt were made from satin, and the apron was made from cotton. I added a tulle skirt underneath to give it some extra poof.

Bittersweet Lulu

The hat was definitely the most difficult part, since I’ve never made anything quite like it before. I bent some wire into the general shape I wanted, and covered it in a layer of batting, along with a strip of upholstery foam for some extra cushioning against my head. Once everything held in place, I used the same two fabrics from my dress to make a cone shape cover to slip over it, and hand stitched everything closed.

The cupcake, bracelets, and candies from the hat and apron were made from Model Magic Foam and painted with acrylics. The candies have tiny keychain rings inserted in the back to be sewn into the fabric like buttons.

Pix (the butterfly guy in the bag) was made of felt, and the candy cane is just a pool noodle with a few pieces cut and reattached for the curve, painted, and a ribbon wrapped around it.

I think that about covers everything without rambling! Thanks for taking your time to read this!

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