102 Best Halloween Couples Costumes of All Time (50+ DIY Ideas)


Prepare to be the best looking couple at the party as you and your significant other show up in style this Halloween! These are the best and most classic couples costumes available that’ll prove to everyone that you are the king and queen of Halloween. For the couples who are looking to save some money and take things into their own hands this year there are also some outstanding DIY tutorials that combine creativity and originality and will show everyone just how awesome you both are! (NOTE: DIY Halloween couples costumes are towards the middle of the list)

This is a great list if you are looking for unique couples costumes! So many fun ideas.

Top Gun Flight Suit Costumes

Take flight this Halloween as the worlds best pilots with these incredible Top Gun flight suit costumes! Serious business for him and a bit more casual and sexy for her. These jumpsuits will make anybody look like Maverick and Charlie and you’ll be all set for your next mission!

Jessie and Woody Couples Costumes

Prepare for a real story this Halloween with these Jessie and Woody Toy Story costumes! Everyone will be nostalgic seeing these costumes as you represent your favorite cartoon movie. You’ll have a friend in each other and everyone else when you’re instantly noticed in these costumes!

Tacky Traveler Costume

Go on a tropical holiday this year with these hilarious tacky tourist costumes! These matching costumes are just what you need to go for some laughs and have a fun time. Everyone will be able to point out who the travellers are as you bring the party with you this Halloween!

Grandma and Grandpa Couples Costumes

Show everybody that age really is just an arbitrary number with these awesome grandma and grandpa costumes! You’ll feel like you’ve gone back in time to hit the dance floor as you show everyone that you’re never too old to party as you spent a night in your grandparents shoes with these costumes!

Bacon and Eggs Couples Costume

Represent a classic and favorite breakfast combo with these novelty bacon and eggs costumes! These lightweight costumes will make everyones mouths water as you get a head start on Novembers first breakfast meal. You’ll be sure to get some laughs as you show off the most important meal of the day!

American Dream and Captain America Costumes

Defend your nation this Halloween with these outstanding American Dream and Captain American outfits! These costumes will show everybody who your favorite Marvel superheroes are as you patriotically represent and protect your nation. You’ll be all set for whatever happens this Halloween!

Nurse Couples Costumes

Be there to save the party with these hot nursing student couples costumes! A fun costume for him and a sexy one for her that’ll show everyone that you’re really here to have a good time. You’ll bring life back to the party when you show up as the best looking nurse duo!

Taco Couples Costumes

Prepare for a fiesta this Halloween with these great taco couples costumes! They even include sombreros that’ll make you look very cultural. You’ll be a hit dressing up as everyones favorite Mexican food this year! All your friends will be amazed by your creativity spicing up the party!

Lock and Key Couples Costumes

Be the key to her heart this Halloween with these great key and lock couples costumes! The costumes are very simple and lightweight making them very party friendly. Everybody will get a kick out of this classic symbolism that’ll be a definite talking point at any event you attend!

King and Queen of Hearts Costume

Prove to all your friends that you’re the true king and queen of Halloween with these remarkable king and queen of hearts playing cards costumes! They even have a skeleton theme to them to keep things in the Halloween spirit. You’ll look like a great match with these costumes!

Yoshi Couples Costumes

Get set for the wrath of the Koopa Troop this Halloween with these loveable Yoshi couples costumes! These super comfy costumes are very distinguishable and will show everyone your secret love for the little green dinosaur. You’ll both be a big hit this year when you show up as your favorite Super Mario character!

80’s Rockers Costumes

Head back to the 80’s with these stylish rockers costumes! Represent your favorite classic rock bands from AC/DC to ZZ Top as you show all your friends what music genre is best. You’ll be ready to hit the dance floor in these zebra print outfits and show everyone that the spirit of rock and roll lives on!

Monkey and Banana Couples Costumes

Create some monkey business this Halloween with these hilarious monkey and banana costumes! These unisex costumes can be worn by any partner wanting to add some funny antics to the night. Representing your love like a monkeys love for bananas will be sure to earn you some extra laughs!

Spidergirl and Spiderman Costumes

Swing through the night this Halloween as a Spidergirl and Spiderman couple with these classic costumes! The padded muscle Spiderman costume will make you feel like Peter Parker and the Spidergirl costume will have you feeling like his much needed support. Your spidey senses will guide you to the best Halloween possible this year!

Duffman Couples Costumes

Enjoy a cold one this Halloween with these impressive and fun Duffman and Duffwoman costumes! Everybody knows Duffman and his party intentions which makes these costumes perfect for couples who love the Simpsons and like to have a good time. You’ll be ready to bring the party anywhere you go with these iconic costumes!

Tooth Fairy and Tooth Costumes

Stand out this Halloween with these incredible tooth and Tooth Fairy costumes! Everybody put their teeth under their pillow for some money as a kid making these costumes perfect for anyone anywhere. You’ll be a hit at any party as you show everyone that you’re the perfect match!

The Incredibles Couples Costumes

Show all your friends how incredible you really are with these awesome Mr. and Mrs. Incredible costumes! They’re designed to make you look just like the animated movie characters and that’s exactly how you’ll feel. These realistic jumpsuits will make you look like the real secret crime-fighting heroes and show everyone that you mean business!

Lederhosen Beerfest Couples Costumes

Prepare for a festival Oktoberfest this Halloween with these very appropriate lederhosen couples costumes! With a traditional lederhosen outfit for him and a dirndl dress for her you’ll look like a true German couple perfect for each other. You’ll be ready to bring Beerfest anywhere you go with these extraordinary costumes!

Castaway Pirate Couples Costumes

Sail the Seven Seas in search for gold and treasure this Halloween with these amazing pirate costumes! A captains costume for him and a tutu dress costume for her making you the perfect pair of pirates. You’ll be ready for whatever the seas and the night have in store for you!

Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head Costumes

Have yourselves a silly Halloween with these hilarious Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head costumes! The face parts are even interchangeable so you can make whatever funny combination you can think of. You’ll be the life of the party with these playful and fun classic costumes!

Princess Peach and Mario Costumes

“It’s me, Mario!”. Save your Princess Peach from the wrath of Bowser with these classic and distinctive Mario and Peach costumes! Mario’s iconic overalls and moustache and Peach’s pink dress and crown will be recognized by everyone and put all eyes on you. You’ll be the best looking couple in all of Mushroom Kingdom!

The Simpsons Costumes

Represent one of the most well-known cartoon couples this Halloween with these Marge and Homer couples costumes! These costumes look so great that you’ll look like an animation that has come to life. You’ll both be ready for all the “D’oh’s” that happen on this crazy night!

Nerds Costumes

Show everyone how sweet you are together with this amusing Nerds couples costume! What’s great about this costume is that it can show off your love for the tasty little candies as well as the fact that you’re both a little geeky. You’ll be a big hit with this very original costume idea!

Scooby-Doo and Shaggy Costumes

Solve another mystery as you meddle this Halloween with these very appropriate Scooby and Shaggy costumes! These costumes make for a classic clumsy duo that everybody loves and will stand out anywhere. Whether it’s a ghost, mummy, or a monster, you’ll be ready for whatever comes your way!

Milk and Cookie Costumes

Get ready to stand out this Halloween as you represent everyone’s favorite snack, milk and cookies! These unisex costumes are perfect for silly couples who go great together, just like milk and cookies! You’ll be the best combo around and all your friends will be amazed by this awesome symbol!

Minion Couples Costumes

Protect Minionkind under the command of Gru or any other leader with these adorable Minion costumes! Minion Dave and his sweet little Minion girlfriend are perfect for each other. You’ll be the cutest looking couple as you prepare for mischievous mayhem this Halloween with these costumes!

Batman Couples Costumes

Defend Gotham City from the Arkham villains this Halloween with these classic Grand Heritage Batman and Batgirl costumes! These costumes represent the old-school Batman era and will demonstrate your love for the original. You’ll be the best looking crime-fighting duo around as you take the streets of Gotham and your neighborhood by storm!

SNL Spartan Cheerleaders Costumes

Cheer the party on this year with these awesome SNL Spartan Cheerleader costumes! You’ll play a double part this Halloween as you represent your favorite comedy skit show while cheering for your favorite team. You’ll be the best cheerleaders around as you both add life to the party!

Ketchup and Mustard Couples Costumes

Show all your friends how well you go together with these hilarious Ketchup and Mustard bottle costumes! These awesome costumes are perfect for the funny couples who want to go for some laughs this Halloween. You’ll be an absolute hit this year as you spread your love and originality!

Hot Dog and Bun Costumes

Be the hot dog to her bun this Halloween with these comical couples costumes! These light tunics will prove that you’re perfect for each other while showing of your sense of humour. You’ll be sure to get some good laughs and compliments when you show up in these costumes!

Chips and Salsa Costumes

Just like you, chips and salsa are an amazing combo! Add some originality and cleverness to the party this year with these awesome chips and salsa couples costumes. All your friends will be envious of the flavor you’ve brought when you show up as this classic and favorite combo!

Happy Holidays Santa Costumes

Combine 2 favorite holidays with these Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus costumes! These realistic and very comfy costumes are perfect for the couples who like to change things up a bit! You’ll be the jolliest couple around ready to bring joy to every party in the world!

Wine and Cheese Set

Add some class to the night with these exquisite wine and cheese costumes! These tunics are very light and fun making them perfect for any couple and any party. Everyone will be amazed by how classy of a couple you really are with this fine dining costume set!

Orange Jumpsuit Prison Costumes

Play the incarcerated couple who’s love lives on with these convict couples costumes! The orange jumpsuits are very distinctive and will let everyone know that you’re real troublemakers. Everyone will want to know what you did this year so all eyes and ears will be on you!

Prince Charming and Cinderella Costumes

Play the perfect love story this Halloween with these Prince Charming and Cinderella costumes! A very sharp long sleeve jacket for him and a stunning blue dress for her will make you look like a very realistic Disney couple. Amaze all your friends this year as the best looking fairy tale couple in town!

Peanut Butter and Jelly Set

Who doesn’t love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches? Show everybody how well you fit together with this symbolic peanut butter and jelly costume set! Everybody will be amazed by your creativity and witty thinking when you show up rocking these tunics. You’ll make everyone hungry with this classic favorite!

Beer and Burger Couples Costumes

Beer and burgers combine for one of the best meals of all time! Show your support for the meal of champions with these hilarious beer and burger tunics! The foamy beer and mouth watering juicy burger will be sure to hit everyones taste buds. You’ll be the tastiest looking meal around with this hilarious costume set!

Mad Hatter Couples Costumes

Head back to Wonderland this Halloween with these incredible Mad Hatter and Alice Kingsleigh costumes! As Alice, you’ll be all prepared to find out the truth about the Mad Hatter and his family and save them before time runs out. These costumes are super stylish and realistic and will definitely catch eyes this year!

Anna and Elsa Couples Costumes

Set off on an epic journey with these Anna and Elsa couples costumes! As the Princess and the Snow Queen of Arendelle you’ll definitely have all the eyes and ears on you this Halloween! You will be ready to take on the night and whatever adventures arise!

Plug and Socket Couples Costume

Show everyone how well you fit together with these racy plug and socket couples costumes! These lightweight tunics are great for partying in and their hilarity will keep the mood casual. They’re also quite suggestive and creative and will be sure to earn some extra laughs!

Mike and Sulley Monsters University Costumes

Set the scare record this Halloween with these awesome Mike and Sulley costumes! Whether you’re just friends in Monsters University or partners at Monsters Inc., these costumes are perfect for couples who loved the movies. You’ll be all set to beat Randall and save Boo when you don these costumes!

Oompa Loompa Costumes

Leave home in Loompaland and come work for Willy Wonka’s with these exceptional Oompa Loompa costumes! Show all your friends that you’re a one of a kind couple when you show up dressed in these costumes. You’ll be all ready to work your next shift at the Chocolate Factory!

Han Solo and Leia Costume Set

Help the Republic Alliance fight the dark side and restore balance in the force as Han Solo and Leia Organa this Halloween! As a couple in the movies, these costumes are perfect for the Star Wars lovers who love each other! You’ll be the coolest couple in the galaxy ready to defeat the Galactic Empire with these costumes!

Lucky Charm Costumes

Represent the luck of the Irish this Halloween with these stunning lucky charm costumes! Dressed in all green with gold trim, you’ll be combining your 2 favorite holidays, Saint Patrick’s Day and Halloween. You’ll definitely be the luckiest and most green couple at any party this year!

Supergirl and Superman Costumes

Save the world as the most effective superhero couple with these Supergirl and Superman costumes! You’ll be the toughest Superman with the padded chest suit and the sexiest Supergirl with the dress and boot covers. As the Man and Woman of Steel, you’ll be ready for whatever happens this Halloween!

Adam and Eve Costumes

Go back to the beginning of mankind with these Adam and Eve costumes! These skin colored tunics with leaf coverage are a perfect representation of Gods first human creations. You’ll look great as everyones ancestors when you head back in time and rock these original costumes!

Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley Costumes

Rock out as 2 of the biggest stars of the 20th century with these outstanding Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley costumes! The outfits look authentic and will make you feel like the real stars that they were. You’ll be all set to party hard when you show up in these costumes!

Bone Print Skeleton Costumes

Keep things traditional this Halloween with these magnificent bone print costumes! A full bone printed suit for him and a skeleton jumpsuit for her will make you both look absolutely stunning and stylish as you keep thinks classic this year. Everyone will be amazed by how sharp you both look as the skeletal king and queen of the party!

50 Best DIY Halloween Couples Costumes

DIY Barbie and Ken Costumes

Show off your crafting skills this Halloween as one of the most popular couples ever with this homemade Barbie and Ken costume guide! The costumes represent Ken and Barbie still in their original packaging which adds value and creativity. You’ll be the best looking dolls around with these costumes!

DIY Salt and Pepper Couples Costume

Show everybody how great you are together with simple yet amazing salt and pepper costumes! Not much needs to be done to make these costumes making them great last minute ideas that can be done by anybody. You’ll add some flavour to the party when you rock these costumes!

Delivery Boy and Pizza Slice Costumes

These delivery boy and pizza slice costumes will show everyone that you’re absolutely essential for each other! This super detailed step-by-step guide has listed everything that you need to make some of the most original homemade costumes around that’ll make everyone hungry. You’ll fit right in as everyone’s favorite party food!

Scooby and Scrappy Doo Costumes

Represent the funniest and clumsiest dogs around with these Scooby and Scrappy Doo costumes! These very distinguishable costumes can be quickly thrown together with household items and will instantly make you apart of the gang. You’ll be ready to solve whatever next mystery comes your way!

Candy Crush Saga Costume

Show your love for your favorite mobile game with these homemade Candy Crush Saga costumes! This tutorial is extremely easy to follow and the end result will be 2 very stylish costumes perfect for any couple! You’ll be ready to crush candy and anything else that comes your way this Halloween!

DIY Price is Right Costumes

All this can be yours this Halloween with these outstanding Price is Right homemade costumes! Follow this guide to instantly become Bob Barker and a contestant ready to win some prizes! You’ll be ready to step on down and have your pets spayed or neutered with these realistic costumes!

Play-Doh Costumes

Prove how fun and original you can be this Halloween with these awesome Play-Doh costumes! The guide is short but sweet and tells you exactly how to transform into one of everyone’s favorite childhood toys. You’ll be ready to take any shape this year when you don these costumes!

Magic School Bus and Miss Frizzle Costumes

Prepare to take your students on another adventure on board the Magic School Bus as Miss Frizzle this Halloween with these incredible homemade costumes! The bus takes a bit of arts and crafts to complete but these very clear instructions walk you through the steps that result in an outstanding completed project!

Woody and Bo Peep Costumes

Have a very lively party this Halloween with these Woody and Bo Peep costume ideas! The short but sweet tutorial tells you everything you need to make both costumes look amazing. You’ll be the most adventurous

Mr. and Mrs. Pacman Costumes

Eat your way through the night this Halloween with this Mr. and Mrs. Pacman costume tutorial! You’ll feel very creative taking this idea into your own hands and all your friends will be amazed that you made these costumes all by yourself. You will both be ready to take on whatever colored ghosts come your way this Halloween!

DIY Skeleton Costumes

Keep things traditional this Halloween and rock some homemade skeleton costumes! These costumes were actually designed for a pregnant family and has a baby skeleton in the tummy of the mothers costume but you can design them slightly differently if you’d like. You’ll be a hit at any party with these classic costumes!

Mad Scientist Costumes

Brew up a batch of creativity this Halloween with these homemade mad scientist costumes! It also includes bonus tutorials to making a mad scientist dog costume as well as vials of mysterious potions. You’ll be setting the bar very high this year when you show up or host with these costumes and accessories!

Man with the Yellow Hat and Curious George Costumes

Show off your curiosity and creativity with these incredible homemade costumes! This simple guide will transform you into The Man with the Yellow Hat and Curious George and will prepare you for your next adventure. You’ll be a big hit at any party with these very distinctive and imaginative costumes!

Social Media Costumes

Jump into the trendy world of social media with these awesome homemade Facebook and Twitter guides! The best part about these costumes is the ability that you get to add your own posts and jokes that let your sense of humour shine through. You’ll definitely get some extra compliments for dressing as something that people use every single day this Halloween!

DIY Thing Costumes

Cause mischief this Halloween with these incredible Thing 1 and Thing 2 costumes! This tutorial lets you create these Cat in the Hat outfits for less than $20 making them as affordable as they are awesome! You’ll look and feel like real Dr. Seuss creations with these costumes!

Wall-E and Eve Costumes

Dress up as the cutest couple from your favorite animated movie this Halloween with these awesome Wall-E and Eve costumes! These costumes require a bit extra work but the end result is absolutely magnificent and well worth it. You’ll have some of the best homemade costumes around with these little robot outfits!

DIY Bob Ross and Tree Costumes

Add some art to the night with these outstanding Bob Ross and tree costumes! This extremely detailed guide makes creating these costumes very simple for anybody. As Bob Ross you’ll be one of the most well-known artists and as a very artistic tree you’ll be his best creation yet!

Bun in the Oven Pregnant Couples Costumes

Celebrate your pregnancy this Halloween with these superb baker and bun in the oven homemade costumes! A simple oven for her made from a box and a quick baker costume for him suggests only one thing and makes the most creative way to share the news! This is perfect for all pregnant couples!

Magician and Rabbit Couples Costumes

Show off some magic this Halloween with these awesome magician and rabbit costume guides! It’s a very simple tutorial with some very distinctive features that’ll make you stand out this year including props and DIY rabbit ears. Everyone will be excitedly waiting to see what trick you’ll perform next!

The Princess Bride Couples Costumes

Represent a classic this Halloween by creating your very own Princess Bride costumes! These costumes can be made from other costume parts and clothes to create a very distinguishable duo. As Westley you’ll be on a quest to save your true love Buttercup from Vizzini and Prince Humperdinck!

Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love Costumes

Show your support for your favorite musicians this Halloween with these Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love costumes! These costumes are so simple because they only require items that can be found in your closet. You’ll be a hit when you rock out as these 2 and carry on the spirit of Kurt Cobain!

Colonel Sanders and Chicken Costumes

Illustrate your love for each other with these remarkable Colonel Sanders and chicken costumes! The short but sweet guide tells you everything needed to be done to obtain the perfect KFC look that’ll be sure to get some laughs. You’ll be sensational representing your love in such a silly way!

Popeye and Olive Costumes

Instantly become to toughest sailor and his beloved partner with these Popeye and Olive costumes! These costumes are awesome for couples wanting to go as something classic and iconic this Halloween. The end result of this instructive tutorial are 2 great costumes that’ll be sure to get many compliments throughout the night!

Smurfs Costumes

Have a smurftastic time this Halloween with homemade Smurf and Smurfette costumes! This tutorial lists everything you need to make these awesome DIY costumes and shows you the paint job needed to make yourselves the bluest couple in town. You’ll be all set to smurf around this Halloween!

Toucan Sam and Cap’n Crunch

Represent your favorite breakfast cereal characters this Halloween with these outstanding Toucan Sam and Cap’n Crunch costumes! You’ll feel very artsy making these costumes as they require a bit more arts and crafts making them that much more realistic. You’ll bring back everyones childhood memories with these costumes!

Mary Poppins and Bert Costumes

Head back in time and prepare to be blown away this Halloween with these Mary Poppins and Bert costumes! Made mostly from household items and clothing articles, this tutorial is perfect for anyone to easily follow without breaking the bank. You’ll be the stars of the night with these incredible costumes!

Mona Lisa and Leonardo Da Vinci Costumes

Paint a picture worth 1000 words this Halloween with these Mona Lisa and Leonardo Da Vinci costume tutorials! Noted as the most popular and famous painting of all time, this Mona Lisa couples costume is perfect for all artistic couples who want to show off this Halloween!

DIY Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head Costumes

Get ready to have some fun this Halloween with these stunning Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head costumes! All of the supplies are listed and step-by-step instructions help you create the best possible costumes that can be designed however you’d like. You’ll be the most creative couple this year when you show up in these awesome Potato Head costumes!

Bananas in Pyjamas DIY Costumes

Go as a 90’s classic that’ll stir up some childhood memories and make everyone nostalgic with these incredible DIY Bananas in Pyjamas costumes! Made from paper maché and fabric, these costumes are extremely lightweight and can be worn all night long. You’ll be the best looking bananas around!

Somebody That I Used to Know Costumes

Demonstrate your artistic and creative sides this Halloween with this Somebody that I Used to Know costumes! The body painting is what makes these costumes so distinct and will make you look like you were both in the music video by Gotye. You’ll be ready to rock out this Halloween with these very musical costumes!

DIY Paint Chip Costumes

Prepare for a silly Halloween party this year with these novelty paint chip costumes! They’re super quick and easy to make rendering them the perfect last minute costume for couples wanting to save time and money this year. You’ll be good for some laughs and bonus originality points with these costumes!

Guess Who Costumes

Have fun representing your favorite board game this Halloween with these homemade Guess Who costumes! The best part is that you can chose any of the 26 characters that you’d like giving you many options. When all is completed you’ll have 2 outstanding costumes that’ll leave everyone guessing how you made them!

Loofah and Soap Costume

Be a perfect match this Halloween with these fun soap and loofah costumes! These costumes are both very quick and easy to make and are very party friendly making them perfect for the clean couples who like to have a good time! Bonus points for creativity and originality will definitely be awarded!

Mail Order Bride and Mailman Costumes

Put a spin on words this Halloween with these mail order bride and mailman costumes! The tutorial is quite thorough but it also allows for a lot of flexibility with these costumes making them perfect for all couples! These costumes will definitely be good for some extra laughs this year!

Chef and Croquembouche Costumes

Every good chef has a famous creation and that’s exactly what you’ll demonstrate this year with these costumes! The dress takes a bit extra arts and crafts which will totally pay off in the end. A chef costume for him and a croquembouche creation costume for her that’ll make you the perfect chef and invention couple!

Struck by Lightning Costumes

Light things up this year with these outstanding lightning bolt and victim costumes! The guide tells you everything that you need including how to achieve a burnt shirt look from the lightning strike. You’ll hit the originality and creative jackpots this Halloween when you sport these unique costumes!

Grumpy Old Man and Woman Costumes

Show all your friends that anyone of any age can party with these fantastic old man and woman costumes! These costumes are perfect for couples who need a great last minute costume idea without spending too much or anything at all. You’ll be the craziest old couple around ready to have a great time this Halloween!

Tom and Jerry Costumes

Head way back in time as a classic with these wonderful Tom and Jerry costumes! The tutorial and the costumes are very simple and result in a very realistic version of the cat and mouse duo. You’ll be recognized anywhere you go with these costumes!

Bert and Ernie Costumes

Show off your creativity and represent your 2 favorite muppets this Halloween, Bert and Ernie! Lots of painting goes into these costumes which makes them look so amazing and realistic. You’ll be the best looking Sesame Street combo when you show up rocking these costumes!

DIY Crown and Coke Couples Costume

Prepare for a crazy night and show everyone what your favorite drink is this Halloween with these very fitting Coca Cola and Crown Royal costumes! This helpful tutorial is very instructive and shows you how to make the most perfect costumes that represent both drinks perfectly. You’ll be ready to party all night long in these costumes!

Twister Costume for 2

Have some fun this year and dress up as your favorite game with these couples twister costumes! It’s made from real twister mats making it look super real and authentic. You’ll be ready to play a game that nobody will be able to resist this Halloween!

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Costumes

Be a hit this Halloween with this simple Mickey and Minnie Mouse costume guide! Everyone knows and loves this iconic duo which will make you the most popular couple around! All your friends will be jealous seeing you show off your DIY and creativity skills with these costumes!

Piñata and Birthday Boy Costumes

Have yourselves a bash this Halloween with these awesome piñata and birthday boy costumes! These very bright and vibrant costumes will definitely stand out this year as you add some color to the party. You’ll literally be a hit at any party showing everyone how to have a good time with these unique costumes!

Trophies Costumes

Show all your friends that you’re a trophy couple with these very clever costumes! The quick guide is quite self-explanatory and will allow you to become any type of trophy that you desire. The creativity is in your hands with these unique costumes, you’ll be sure to stick out this Halloween!

Dexter with Victim Costumes

Represent your favorite TV series with these outstanding Dexter and victim couples costumes! This tutorial is quite detailed and has very helpful lists for each costume that can be altered and still look as good. Dexter will look like he’s just hunted down his next murderer when you don these costumes!

Starbucks Drink and Barista

Enjoy your favorite daily morning beverage this Halloween as you give everyone a shot of espresso with these superb Starbucks barista and drink costumes! The guide shows you how to dress exactly like a Starbucks employee and how to create a drink topped with fake whipping cream and a straw. You’ll be sure to get some good laughs with these hilarious costumes!

Morticia and Gomez Addams Costumes

Raise the Addams family this Halloween with these very appropriate Morticia and Gomez costumes! As long as you have formal black clothing then these costumes are essentially as simple as getting dressed. The Addams family has always been a little spooky making these costumes perfect for any Halloween event!

Lumberjack and Tree Costumes

Chop your way through the night with these fantastic lumberjack and tree costumes! For the tree it’s a bit of arts and crafts and for the lumberjack it’s just a combination of clothes that almost everyone has. These costumes are almost as simple as getting dressed and will still stand out anywhere you go!

50 Shades of Grey Costumes

Have yourselves a romantic Halloween this year with these 50 Shades of Grey costumes! The 50 different shades can be acquired for free at any hardware or paint shop making the defining part of this costume cost you absolutely nothing! You’ll be ready to take to the night representing your favorite erotic story with these amazing costumes!

DIY Silent Film Stars Costumes

Head back to a quieter time with these silent film stars costumes! As a black and white Charlie Chaplin and Clara Bow you’ll be a classic that’ll definitely hit some bonus points for originality. You’ll be ready to go shoot your next silent film without saying a word this Halloween!

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