Scary Baby Zombie Costume for Pregnant Women (PG-13)


What’s great about this costume is that it embraces the entire family and allows even the unborn baby to take part. It looks like the baby is eating its way out of the womb and preparing to join the apocalypse. Even baby zombies love brains!

zombie parent couple costume

A message from Rylee, the creator of the ‘Scary Baby Zombie’ costume for pregnant women:

This costume was inspired to me because I was six months pregnant and wanted to do something with my baby and couldn’t think of anything. I spent hours looking up different ideas and put this one together. Making this costume was fairly simple. I took old jeans and ripped them all over. I also took an old while shirt I had and ripped that in half to make the top.

Then I asked my mom for on of my old baby dolls from when I was little I cut the face off and a hand and actually superglued that to my tummy. So far with that I have spent zero (0) dollars $$ on my costume. I bought fake blood body pant and fake latex from a Halloween store for a total of around 15 dollars. I put the fake latex around the baby doll face and hand to look like the baby was ripping out of my stomach. After that I got into my bathtub and started dropping the fake blood all over in a somewhat realistic way. With all the blood in place I used a little black eye shadow to dark some of the blood spots around the baby’s opening area.

Baby Zombie Costume for pregnant Women

They contacts I bought online for about 15 dollars. So after all is said and done I spend about 30 dollars on this costume and had enough left over to make another zombie. So I completed all these steps and made a zombie “family”. I really enjoyed making this costume it was definitely unique and I won best costume at the Halloween party!

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