Ash Ketchum Teen Halloween Costume


This is me (Emily) as femme Ash Ketchum from Pokemon Indigo League for Halloween. I bought the hat from Fan Expo. I made the vest by using a cheap jean vest and using fabric paint to dye it brighter/darker blue. I cut a plain white t shirt and glued the white fabric to the collar and the sleeves to the vest arm openings.

pokemon ash ketchum teen costume

I used yellow fabric and glued on the yellow vest details. I also pinned my old Pikachu doll to to the vest shoulder. I painted the shoes, dyed green and cut the gloves, and bought a high waist denim skirt. I wore my brown belt, black thigh highs and black tank top I already owned. I also wore a clip on pokeball on my belt. I completed the look with cosplay makeup, Ash’s cheek marks, and a ponytail.

I was inspired to do this costume because it was relatively last minute and I remembered that I bought the Ash hat earlier that year. This costume was very easy to make and very fun to wear!

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