Anna’s Coronation Gown from Frozen


Anyone who was a fan of Frozen and Anna will love this dress. It’ll make anyone who wears it feel like the Princess of Arendelle herself and show everyone how good they look playing the role of their favorite Disney Princess. You’ll be the centre of attention wearing this dress!

Anna's Coronation Gown from Frozen

A message from Sydney, the creator of the ‘Anna’s Coronation Gown’ costume:

I made this costume when I was 14 and it was just after Frozen came out. I loved the movie so I decided to make both costumes, one of Elsa, and one of Anna.

I bought the fabric off and and I made up the dress as I went without a pattern.

the gownthe back

Fun fact about the skirt: the 15 panels were all hand finished and the main skirt underneath was actually a round tablecloth originally.

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