Anna Frozen Fever Halloween Baby Costume


My daughter is wearing a dress I made. She is Anna from the Frozen Fever short. I purchased the onesie that was white but I dyed it for a color match for the original costume.

Anna Frozen Fever Halloween Baby Costume

I then added the “vest” & hand painted the detail flowers onto it & added the yellow trim. I then added the velvet corset top underneath & hand painted the butterfly detail on that.

I added the broach jewel to the collar. I made the skirt from scratch & hand painted the flower detail to it & also hand painted/dyed the crochet flowers & stitched those to the bottom of the skirt. I also made the wig from yarn & glued it to a hat for a perfect fit. I styled & braided the wig myself. My daughter is only 3 months old & this looked great on her!

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