Amazing Homemade Flintstones Family Costume


I have been handmaking our families costumes for the last 3 years. This year we decided on the Flintstones and it was quite easy to make. For Wilmas dress, I used an old white bathrobe and just cut it to the shape I thought looked most like her dress.

family flintstone costume

For Pebbles shirt, I used oversized shirt that my daughter had and traced it on a large enough piece of fleece, folded in half. I cut the fabric, keeping it a bit longer than the shirt I used as a stencil, then hot glued where the shoulders and sides are.

Once I cut the jagged edge on the bottom, I made a triangle shaped stencil with a piece of tacky shelf liner and painted the shapes on with brown paint. I used the same technique with Pebbles shorts and Freds shirt. For Wilmas necklace, I strung some dented ping pong balls on fishing line. And it was easy as that. We were lucky enough to have a friend who does graphic design that made the car for us.

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