Alice and Her Mad Hatter Wheelchair Costume


Sometimes even Mad Hatter and Alice need wheelchairs and these costumes show just that! What’s great about these costumes is that not only are they dressed up like the characters, but the wheelchairs are also themed like them as well. They’ll be all set for whatever happens in Wonderland this Halloween!

Alice and Her Mad Hatter Wheelchair Costume

A message from Katherine, the creator of the ‘Alice and Her Mad Hatter Wheelchair’ costume:

My daughter Layna is Alice and her friend Tanner is the Mad Hatter. Since both of ours children are in wheelchairs we wanted to incorporate there costumes into that.

They are both wearing store bought outfits. Both children have a play tea set that is glued to table cloth which is then attached to there trays. There chair backs are made of cardboard, foam and velvet like material that sits flush against there chair backs. I also added a little “queen of hearts” scene on Layna’s foot rest to add a list extra element.

Alice Wheelchair

It is made out of cardboard, playing cards and printed out characters. We have a lot of fun coming up with ideas for there costumes and including our special needs children into all the Halloween activities we can.

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