Aladdin Family Halloween Costume


Our 4 year old Daughter loves the Princess Jasmine, so we thought having a Halloween theme around that Princess would work great! My Husband resembles Aladdin so that worked out perfect! We found his outfit on etsy, and I made his and Abu’s hat. Our little 2year old can be mighty fierce so making her Raja the Tiger made absolute sense. We found her dress at a second hand store, we just added her tail and ears to complete her ensemble. Our little 1 year old is dressed as Abu and she’s a girl so I added a bow to the little red hat, Having Aladdin hold her adds to the tag team effect! My costume is just as much blue as I could find! The blue pants were an awesome find on etsy! This family costume has been so fun wearing around! Happy Halloween!


Aladdin costume submitted by Laura R.

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