Incredible Adult Princess Daisy Costume (love this!)


I made this princess daisy costume last summer because I absolutely love Nintendo and Princess Daisy is my favorite character. I actually ended up using fabric from the discount bin that I found in JoAnne’s. I got lucky and they just happened to have the right colors!

Adult Princess Daisy Costume

The crown and brooch are 3D printed by a friend over in the UK, they go by ChompWorks. To create the costume, I used reference pictures from various Nintendo games to replicate the design, most notably, the Mario Kart series as well as various Mario Party games.

Princess Daisy has always been an inspiration to me and I felt so happy finally being able to wear her as a costume. A particularly wonderful story that comes to mind in regards to this costume is when I wore it out to a local gaming convention in my hometown. A little girl ran up to me and exclaimed “I never thought I would meet Daisy in real life!” Her mom seemed embarrassed, but I spent at least 20 minutes talking to her about Sarasaland (Daisy’s kingdom) and all the fun games I get to play with Mario, Peach, and Luigi.

It felt good to have something positive come out of my love for Daisy.

Princess Daisy Costume Submission by Haley A.

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