40 Super Legit Batman Costumes (All Styles)


Get ready to battle whoever threatens Gotham this Halloween with one of these outstanding Batman costumes! No matter what era was your favorite we have costumes that’ll suit all Batman lovers and make you look and feel like the Dark Knight himself. For those who are feeling a bit more ambitious or are saving up for a new high-tech Batmobile, we have some DIY projects that can be completed at home that’ll keep both you and your wallet happy!

“Holy cool costumes, Batman!!!” But seriously, if you are looking for a Batman costume, make sure to read this first.

Batman The Dark Knight Rises Costume

Fans of The Dark Knight Rises, get ready to fight crime with this wonderful full Batman costume! It’s very light making it breathable and comfortable for prolonged use and the foam chest piece makes it look like you’ve spent as much time at the gym as Bruce Wayne has. You’ll show everyone who the best crime-fighting masked vigilante is with this costume!

The Dark Knight Rises Adult Batman Costume

Take on the powerful role of Batman with this awesomely detailed costume! It has a very detailed design printed on the front and the belt that’ll show everybody that you mean business! Everybody will be stunned by the presence of the true Batman wherever you wear this costume!

Batman Grand Heritage Deluxe Costume

Show everybody what a dedicated Batman fan you are with this deluxe heritage costume! The chest piece is latex which is designed to look more realistic and replicate the suit from The Dark Knight Rises. It also includes a lot of accessories that make this costume a full set! You’ll look as fantastic as you feel wearing this suit!

Batman Costume

This costume is perfect for the original fans of the retro Batman series! It is a very realistic version of the suit from the Adam West days and is very distinguishable by its old-school logo. All of the included accessories are on point and will make you look like an awesome, genuine Batman fanatic!

Batman T-Shirt with Cape and Mask

Be prepared for a warmer environment with this stylish Batman set! It includes a printed t-shirt, a cape, and a mask making it perfect for the casual Batman fans! No need to overdo it this year but that doesn’t mean you wont look amazing! This is an impressive easy-going costume that’ll looking stunning wherever you are!

DC Collection Deluxe Batman Costume

Head back in time with this magnificent deluxe retro Batman costume! The whole costume is a much lighter shade than that of The Dark Knight and its blue and grey color combination makes it stand out amongst others. You’ll look like a true DC Hero wearing this unique costume!

Batman Grand Heritage Collector’s Costume

Has Christian Bale just stopped by? That’s how it’ll seem when you’re wearing this costume! It is very authentic and made to match the costume from The Dark Knight Rises from head to toe. It’s perfect for the huge Batman fans who want to go all out and look as real as possible this Halloween!

Assembled Batman Dark Knight Suit

This Dark Knight costume is absolutely flawless! It is made for the biggest fans who want to go all-out. It’s tremendously detailed and made from extremely high quality materials that make it look exceedingly breathtaking! It’s one of the best Batman costumes available for purchase and anybody wearing it will look awe-inspiring! You will unquestionably be the best looking Batman in the entire city!

Batman Dawn of Justice Deluxe Costume

Instantly transform into a buff Batman this year when you don this costume! It’s made to replicate the uniform from Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice and is very well done. Nobody will stand a chance against your superiority and anyone who isn’t your enemy will be extremely jealous when they see you wearing this costume!

DC Comics Batman 2nd Skin Costume

Get geared up for action with this retro zentai Batman suit! It fits so snug that you’ll forget that you even have it on! The suit is a one-piece from the neck down making it super quick and easy to put on. You’ll always be prepared for whatever comes to Gotham with this 2nd skin suit!

Deluxe Muscle Chest Batman Costume

Show off your muscles as well as your love for Batman with this muscle chest costume! It’s designed to give you the Bruce Wayne body that you’ve always desired and make you look like the real Batman! The cape features a nice blue on black color combination that makes it and you a real looker!

Batman Arkham Costume

Get ready to take on Batman’s biggest enemies locked up inside Arkham Asylum in Gotham City with this awesome costume! It is designed after the Arkham Batman who is the only one brave enough to face what lies inside those walls! You’ll be the bravest superhero around wearing this costume!

Batman Muscle Chest Plus Size Costume

Be prepared to brave the night with this plus sized costume! It’s crafted to resemble the costume from The Bold and the Brave and its ultra blue highlights stick out everywhere! The bigger the Batman, the more fearsome he becomes! This costume is best for the larger fans who want to make the enemy flee at the sight of the eye!

Batman Muscle Chest Costume Kit

Brace yourself for whatever evil comes your way with this costume kit! You’ll make your enemies look weak when you add on the muscle that’s built in to this suit and show them that they’ve chosen the wrong person to make enemies with! It’s a lighter costume that is best for casual wear which shows that you are a confident Batman!

Batman The Brave and the Bold Costume

Show everybody how amazing the original Batman looked with this Costume from The Brave and the Bold! All the additional accessories are attached to the jumpsuit so you can always be quick to face any criminal who dares cross your path! The costume is retro and simple making it look extremely sharp!

Batman Muscle Chest Deluxe Costume

Rise as the Dark Knight with this deluxe muscle chest costume! The chest piece will add muscle to your superhero frame that’ll frighten all your adversaries! You’ll show everybody that you’re the true Caped Crusader when you step into this suit! Citizens of Gotham City will look to you for protection and your enemies will flee when they see you wearing this costume!

Classic Batman Circa 1966 Costume

Go back to the beginning with this classic 1966 Batman costume! Everybody will be able to see that you’ve been a fan every step of the way when they notice you wearing this suit! It has a very unique dark aqua coloring to it that makes it stick out amongst newer versions of the costume. You’ll look fantastic representing your favorite superhero!

Batman v Superman Grand Heritage Costume

Stand out wherever you go with this unique Batman costume from Batman v Superman! It has a much different printed design than the traditional costumes that is very distinct and awesome! You’ll feel like a true legend ready to battle Superman in the greatest gladiator match in the history of the world!

Deluxe Batman Costume

Get ready to stealthily brave the streets of Gotham City with this nearly all black Batman costume! All of the pieces are made from foam so they are very lightweight, flexible, and comfortable yet look amazing! Nobody will see you coming as you use your stealth to your advantage!

Batman Gray Cartoon Costume

Stand out representing your favorite superhero this Halloween when you jump into this one piece suit! It is very thin and light making it much more comfortable to wear in warmer climates or at parties. It has a very definitive black on grey color scheme that’ll make you look like the coolest Batman around!

Batman Suit Costume

This suit really is one of a kind! It has a unique logo printed on the chest and the entire chest piece is designed to make you look as big as the real Batman! The costume is tailored made based on your measurements so it fits absolutely perfectly. All that’s left to do after putting this costume on is take to the streets to track down Batman’s greatest rivals!

Dawn of Justice Deluxe Batman Costume

Be prepared to fight Superman with this Dawn of Justice Batman costume! The costume follows the design of that of the movie. It has muscle implants that make you look big and tough and will petrify Superman and any other foe that you come across!

Batman Arkham City Deluxe Costume

Show everyone who the leader of Gotham City is with this Dark Knight Rises costume! You’ll instantly become your favorite superhero and pack on the muscle the moment you put this muscle chest suit on. Everybody will be in awe when they see you wearing this costume!

DC Comics Collector Batman Costume

Any super fans out there? Go all out on your costume and your rivals this year with this striking collector’s Batman costume! It is extraordinarily detailed from head to toe and it adds muscle definition to ever part of the body. Make your friends jealous and your enemies terrified with this authentic costume!

Adult Batman Costume

Get ready to take on the baddest and scariest villains of Arkham with this uniform! The bodysuit features a very distinguishable print and uses materials that give you a bit more protection. Whether it’s Bane or the Joker, you’ll be prepared to take them on with this costume set!

Deluxe Zombie Batman Costume

Combine 2 favorites with this zombie Batman costume! The print is unique yet similar to that of Batman and the full face mask gives you a look like you’re hungry for the archenemies of Gotham City! You’ll look like a Batman who has come back from the grave to accomplish a uncompleted task!

Batman Value Costume

Looking like you’ve just returned from defeating Superman with this Dawn of Justice costume! The print perceives you as a defined warrior who has fought his battle and returned to tell the story! You’ll be a definite hit at any event when they see a Batman who has all the experience!

Batman Armored Suit Costume

Deliver safety to Gotham City with this Batman armor suit! It has individual armor pieces that attach to make you look like a true warrior! The armor is extremely well done and looks authentic but it is made from foam so it is lightweight and comfortable. Superman will be no match for anyone wearing this costume!

Batman Beyond Costume

Put a spin on the traditional Batman costume with this unique costume! It’s an all black body suit with a red logo and cape that look incredible together. The costume also gives a bit of a shine that’ll catch everyones attention. You’ll definitely be the most noticeable Batman in town wearing this one!

Batman Classic 1966 Costume

Get back to classics with this costume from the 1966 Adam West TV show series! It truly is a traditional uniform with its original coloring and logo design. Everybody will be aware of your presence whenever you walk into the room and you’ll be ready to take on old rivals like the Joker and the Riddler!

DC Batman Body Suit

This costume takes you back to the past and lets you feel what it was like to be in the original comics! It’s based off of the DC comics which is quite evident due to its design and color. You’ll definitely stand out amongst other modern versions of Batman and everybody will recognize you as a true fan!

Batman Deluxe Cosplay Costume

Stand out this Halloween with this stunning Batman vs. Superman costume! Made from leather, this costume looks and feels as great as its quality. What is nice about this one is that the boots and helmet are optional and if you do opt for the boots, they custom make them based on your shoe size. The costume will fit extremely well and you’ll be ready for Gotham!

Batman Zentai Cosplay Costume

This zentai cosplay costume is perfect for the Batman fans who like to keep things simple! Sometimes simplicity is the best option and that is definitely the case with this jumpsuit. It has a very nicely printed logo on a grey suit that looks very sharp. You’ll be looking on point anywhere you go with this costume and prepared to face your archenemies anytime!

Batman Arkham City Costume

This costume is perfect for the bravest Batman ready to take on the deadly streets of Arkham City! Its very detailed design will have you looking realistic and much more threatening! Prepare to terrorize Batman’s enemies when you don this striking costume, nobody will stand a chance against you!

Batman Cosplay Outfit

Immediately become the most realistic Batman in town when you put on this outfit! It is exceedingly detailed and uses high quality materials that make it look nearly authentic. It also includes all sorts of other accessories that making your quest to finding the best Batman costume that much easier!

Batman Onesie Costume

A onesie that is perfect for all Batman fans who love to represent their favorite superhero! What’s great about this is that can be used as a light and casual costume or as a comfortable everyday onesie making it awesome every single day of the year! It’s very stylish and will instantly transform you into the masked vigilante!

Batman One-Piece Costume

Always show your love and support for Batman with this awesome one piece uniform! It’s very soft and comfortable and can be worn as a costume or as a very comfortable everyday piece of clothing. You’ll look very stylish while remaining comfy and be all set to face the dangerous day-to-day activities that bestow Batman!

Batman Cosplay Costume

Take the streets of Gotham by storm this Halloween with this awesome version of Bruce Wayne’s Batman costume! Since it is made from PU leather, it has a very high quality look and feel to it that is unmatched. The rest of the outfit is made from fabric which gives it a nice matte contrast to the shine of the PU leather. Everyone will have their eyes on you everywhere you go wearing this costume and you’ll feel ready for any crazy criminals that Gotham has to offer you!

3 DIY Batman Costumes

DIY Adam West Batman Costume

Go back in time to a much older Gotham City with this awesome Adam West Batman costume tutorial! Everything that you’ll need is listed and many pictures show you how to make your costume perfect! You’ll have one of the best homemade costumes around when you step into this homemade masterpiece!

How to Build Your Own Batman Costume

Instantly become the Caped Crusader with this incredible homemade Batman costume guide! It actually includes 2 tutorials allowing you to become either the Dark Knight or the classic Batman, the choice is yours. Either way the end result will be something spectacular that will amaze everyone!

Homemade Batman Costume

Use the darkness of night to your advantage this Halloween as you fight crime in your homemade Batman costume! This guide results in an authentic looking costume that’ll be sure to catch everyones attention. This costume is also very easy to get on, lightweight, breathable, and comfortable making it super “party friendly”!

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