Adorable Great Lakes Freighter Costume


My son (who is the “smoke stack” in the costume) is 5 years old. He was born three months early.

He had a long hospital stay, recovered from open heart surgery at one year old, and had a feeding tube until he was four. He is still learning to eat and battling sensory issues, but the kid loves his freighters. He can identify over 30 ships that sail the Great Lakes. When I asked him what he wanted to be for Halloween, he said, “The Roger Blough”.

boat costume

We saved cardboard boxes and found duct tape in the colors we needed. We created the main part of the ship, then attached the wheel house. The “leash” helped balance since it was front heavy. There was also a rock taped to the back as a counter weight. We taped battery operated string lights to the side and around the wheel house.

boat costume for kids

He loved it and it was a big hit in the neighborhood we took him Trick-or-Treating in. This holiday is usually hard for him because of the masks and darkness, but he proudly wore his freighter costume and we never heard a peep about scary costumes or being afraid of dark. DIY costume success!

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