Adorable DIY Grandma Costume for 2 Year Olds


My daughter who just turned 2 is wearing the grandma costume. It was inspired by her Grammy (my mom). Made from an old lady’s dress, shrunk down to toddler size and the bottom of the dress was used as the infinity scarf. The pearl necklace was my Grandmas and the glasses were painted sunglasses with the lenses out and sequins were glued to either side. She wore sock nylons that make the perfect knee highs for a toddler and we were really going for tie wow factor with the lipstick so went straight to red face paint! The hat is a white toque with cotton balls hand stitched on. They was the most labour intensive part. I made her Halloween bag with fabric that you can colour on!

Grammy turns 2!

Grammy turns 2!

Grammy costume submitted by Jackie L.

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