Adorable Cubby Costume


My Oldest wanted to be Captain Jake and Elijah is a chubby baby so I wanted them to be a team. I searched for the Cubby costume online and couldn’t find it so I decided to make it.

Cubby Costume

Small Blue shirt
Red long sweat pants
Long sleeve white shirt
Yellow fabric
Blue bandana
Black Yarn
Hot glue gun
Yellow buttons

I cut the sleeves, neck and about 4 inches off from the blue shirt and cut it in the front middle to make it look like a vest then Glued the yellow buttons. For the pants, I cut them about three quarters since it was a bit chilly and made a zig-zag pattern at the bottom. With the yellow fabric, I cut around 4 squared shaped pieces and glued them to the pants. For the white shirt, I used the yarn to make it look like it had a lace and also used the yarn to put hair in the bandana. Put on some white socks and brown shoes. for the map, I just rolled a letter size paper and tied it with black yarn. Ready to go!

It was super easy and original. Everyone loved him around the neighborhood. He had a blast walking while holding his bucket and his map looking for treasure (candy).

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