Absolutely Adorable Baby Link Toddler Costume


My husband’s favorite video game is Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. So we cosplayer our daughter as Link. We found the shirt, vest, and shoes pre-loved at a thrift store. I created the sash using brown ribbon. The sword is from a craft store and I cut it down to her size and painted the handle to match the outfit.

Baby Link Toddler Costume

Her shield has a core of foam-core board. The shield was covered using sheets of craft foam. I also cut the shield designs from the craft foam sheets. I attached elastic straps through the back of the shield so she could wear it. The brown sash also doubled as a scabbard for the sword. The boots were decorated with grey felt and grey craft foam to emulate the iron boots from the Ocarina of Time game.

homemade legend of zelda sword and shield

A vendor was so impressed with her outfit he gave her a free Triforce button to wear on her costume. She also carried with her 6 Rupees (currency in the Legend of Zelda games). The rupees are flat pieces of wood which I painted to give the illusion that they are real gems.

Zelda Boots

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