Abby Sciuto NCIS Forensic Scientist Dog Costume


I love Abby Sciuto, Forensic Scientist from the hit television show NCIS. She is a smart, female character with a unique sense of style, which I love, and I knew my bulldog would be able to pull off the Abby costume.

abby sciuto forensic scientist dog costume

I bought most of the materials for this costume in the clearance section of the fabric store. The materials I used for the necklace and bracelet cuffs were by-the-yard studded materials. The necklace was really easy to make. I just had to tie the ends together and slip it over her head. The headpiece is just a cheap headband wrapped with black yarn. I sewed some yarn to a scrap piece of material and sewed that onto the headband to make Abby’s bangs. For the braids, I braided black yarn around two pieces of bendable tubing so I would be able to bend them into different poses. I raided my craft box and found ribbon and skulls buttons to attach to the braids like Abby wears.

bulldog costume

It’s important to make pet costumes lightweight and comfortable, so I made her costume easy to put on and remove. I sewed the little, plaid skirt fabric to a piece of white fabric as her lab coat. After I sewed the collar of the lab coat, I used black fabric paint to add NCIS on her lapel. I printed and laminated the ID Badge for the character and attached it to the other lapel of the lab coat. I had a cute skull patch, which I ironed onto the black scrap of shirt material. I sewed the black piece to the lab coat, which made the hole for her head to go through. I would normally sew a band around the belly to keep the costume in place, but since the character wears big studded bracelets, I was able to make sleeve/cuffs out of them. A little Velcro to hold the cuffs, and the costume wouldn’t be able to slide from side to side.

front view

I have a few extra pieces just for photo shoots. She wears safety goggles, my shiny black baby shoes (Abby wears big, black boots, but that’s not safe for a dog. I thought my baby shoes were a nice substitute.) I borrowed a Bert the Hippo toy (Abby’s toy) from a friend and also made a Caf-Pow cup. Abby needs her caffeine! The braids bounce and the skirt flows when she is walking along, and it is so adorable.

She has worn this costume to several pet expos and events in the area. Everybody loves this costume! Even people who do not watch the show recognize the character from commercials for the show. Abby Sciuto NCIS Forensic Scientist is a very unique and memorable character.

Thank you for allowing me to share this homemade costume. I have very limited sewing skills, but I love to challenge myself when I make my dog’s Halloween costume.

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